Sunday, 22 January 2017

01-22-2017... Earth abides

Sun is sort of up. Actually this morning the sun never really rose the light went from very dark grey to a grey fog outside. I know, you're thinking how does he know this. Well as it turned out I woke up around five thirty and after laying there for a half hour I finally thought to myself "Self you are not going back to slumber land." and with that admission I got quietly up. 

I checked the news after sitting down to the personal confuser and sure enough down south the vibrations from Trumps win are still reverberating. By the looks of thing there are those who will simply not let it go. I wonder what these folks would do if faced with real issues.

Meh... it's all good, at least it is for me since I don't have to be involved in the snowflake fabricated nonsense. My worldly concerns these days are going into town today to pick up a pair of windshield wiper blades. This is what happens when you are ham fisted by the way. I cracked the plastic on one the other day when I was trying to get it unstuck from the windshield it was frozen to. I know I should have been patient. Well if I had patients I'd be a doctor. 😁  Other concerns for me are taking a look a the air cleaner in our truck to make sure no mice have made a home. Then on the list is an oil change for the generator. This I shall do sometime during the next week or two. But for now, for right this instant I am content with sitting here and watching the world go by as the snowflakes go into their version of apoplectic seizures. 

That's all from me up here North of Disorder

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