Friday, 13 October 2017

The latest from away...

Well the travels so far have been... entertaining,  sometimes magic sometimes not so much. It's only now that I've found a way to get a post out. I'm sorry but no pictures for now, that's for when I get home. 

When we arrived at Iceland the transfer to the hotel was simple but when we arrived at the hotel it was a little bit strange. The front desk was closed and we were locked out. After the door bell was hit a few times the front desk clerk shuffled in. We got checked in and shown to the building where our room was. Here I was with a bad back and of course our room was on the third floor and there was no elevator. Sigh. 

Roaming around Iceland was cool. The folks were super friendly and helpful.  The food was good but since we didn't leave the city we missed a lot. When we were at the airport leaving for Paris my wife and I decided we would return and do do some day excursions. 

I'll post more tomorrow when I can,  bye bye from Europe.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The countdown is on

In a little more than twenty four hours my wife and I will be out bound for a holiday abroad. Our first stop is Iceland where we will spend a couple of days. Then we are off to the land of french wines and cheeses, Paris France. After a weekend there it's on to Germany where we will link up with some old friends and family.

If it were not for the condition of my back I would be looking forward to it. 

A few days ago as part of the fall/winter preps I picked up four bags of salt for the water softener. I eventually brought the four bags, weighing in at fifty pounds each, into the house and stored them in the basement. The seventeen year old mind had no issues with just slinging the bags over a shoulder and bringing them in. Meanwhile the sixty three year old body was of another opinion. The end result was that I blew out my back and I'm presently in a world of pain and have been for the last few days. 

I've been taking muscle relaxers and putting ointment on, and heat on, and stretching, and suffering. In the past when I've done this it's taken a week or so to heal. Now I'm trying to heal up in a couple of days. With a mere twenty fours to go things ain't looking pretty. I'm not looking forward to the flight sitting in an economy seat for five hours plus. On the plus side there are public hot springs about a half a block from our hotel...

Putty Tat is on vacation too...
Yesterday I had the sad duty of taking our cat over to a friend's place. Our friend S has volunteered to look after Putty Tat for us while we are away. She is also going to visit our place every couple of days to keep an eye on it. Last night was a little strange for me. It was the first time in a few decades we haven't had a cat prowling around.

Today is a getting ready day. Laundry is on and we are going to clean the house. Well in reality I will do as much as I can but it will be my wife that does a majority of the work. To say this bugs me is a vast understatement. 

Anyway things to do and all that. 

Over the next few weeks blogging will be scarce depending on the free wi-fi that I can find. For me to blog from Europe on my dime would cost a fortune so just bare with me. 

Until next time, when ever that might be, bye-bye.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Fall has fallen

Fall has done just that, fall at least temperature and weather wise. This new season has brought with it a serious drop in temperature going from a high at the start of the week in the eighties to today with things in the fifties. Add to this joy today's rain and moderately high winds and it has been very nasty outside all day. 
Just a nasty day...
Today, nasty as the outside was, we went out to the wannabe big town to pick up a few things. Two last items on the list to take with us in our travels on Monday. The clock is ticking down. Monday we get to hop on the big bird and leave for Iceland. We will be there for a couple of days then it's off to sample the pastry in France for a few days and after that we get to spend time with friends and family in Germany. I suspect the drunk fairy will come out and tap me in the head a few times with his two by four wand but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

This weekend we have a bucket of things to get done so there will be no blog posts. I'll try to post again on Monday but I promise nothing. I'm not taking the personal confuser with me and my Galaxy Note is a bitch to blog from but we shall overcome as best we can. So to all of you out there have a good weekend. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

"One of those days"

Yesterday was "one of those days" where it would have been better not to have gotten out of bed. I was up and at 'em at the normal time, had coffee and some cereal then a look at the news. Just a regular day. At the appointed time my lovely wife scooted off for an appointment and I was home... alone. 

I took a look at the to-do list and thought how the week was slipping away. Top of the list was getting the outdoor stuff put away. What this means is playing mule and moving the stuff under cover to the back deck. Simple... 

First came the two new love seats and the coffee tables. By the time they were in place and covered my back was giving me a tinge which I failed to listen too. Hey, I'm a guy, it's what I do. Hell anyone will tell you that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Well by the time I took the other four heavy muskoka chairs and their accompanying tables to the back and stored them I was in mortal agony.

When my lovely wife came home we went out for a little shopping. There were a few last minute things we wanted to get for the trip. Of course with the getting in and out of the truck the pain only got worse. I finally broke down when we got home and took some pain killers to kill the pain before the pain killed me. So now I'm a little hobbled in what I can do as the old back heals up, 

On a side note, something I noticed while we were looking at gifts in town that really annoyed the hell out of me. This:
Yesterday it was the twenty sixth of September and when when we entered the shop the employees were merrily working away putting out Christmas stuff. It's more than a month away from Halloween  and they are getting ready for Christmas? It was in the eighties temp wise and they are putting out Santa? OK enough with the rant, please forgive me, let's just say it was the pain talking. 

Speaking of pain I'm going to go and take some pain killers so I can function because there are things to do, places to go as it were. Bye for now.


Monday, 25 September 2017

Fall heat wave...

As weekends go this past one wasn't to shabby. Strangely for this time of year we are in the middle of a heat wave. These past few nights it's been warm enough to have the air conditioning on where it should be at least ten degrees Celsius colder.

Saturday found us up north at the Bro-in-law's trailer. It's in a little trailer park on a very small lake. The new trailer they have is as opulent as some homes I've been in over the years and yes I'm a little bit jealous. 

When we got to the trailer the Bro-in-law had a couple of guests, S&J, who were partaking of the trailer park scene. S&J are wonderful conversationalists and this visit did not bring that fact into disrepute.

Hard to believe this is fall
Of course the Bro-in-law's little bundle of joy had to take us on the grand tour of the park. We played on a "pirate ship" made puzzles, shot a round of mini put and some basket ball hoops. We had a grand old time thanks to our little three year old tour guide.
After dinner we got to do one of my favorite things, sit and jaw around a camp fire. All in all we had a very nice visit. One of the special things was that our Sis-in-law J and her eldest H made the long trek up to the trailer. I really wasn't expecting them because she worked all day as did H and they were going back early on Sunday to work. Anyway I'm glad they came up for one simple reason, Sis-in-law J is just plain fun to be around. 

Sunday was a mostly quiet day because of the heat. The hottest part of Canada was at Canadian Forces Base Borden which is a stone's throw away on a map. We were going to do a fire in the evening but with the temp hot enough to melt lead we went to plan B. Our friend S came over in the evening and we drank ice cold wine while enjoying the cool evening air outside. 

One to other things... 

A short time ago I was looking at getting rid of some clutter on my tablet so I down loaded an app called CC Cleaner. Then over a few weeks I noticed some strange things start to happen. My spam started to escalate, I found that somehow I had accounts on some very unrepeatable sites. turns out that CC Cleaner installed some malware and I got hacked. Well I was up this morning and sorted all that out including wiping the tablet and reinstalling everything as well as changing a whole host of passwords. So if you have used or are using CC Cleaner on your phone or tablet the only way to deal with the issue is to wipe the device and reinstall everything. The normal antivirus apps don't do a thing. 

And on that happy note I leave you until the morrow. Bye for now... 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Old verses bold mushroom pickers

One of the nice things about living in the country is the pleasant surprises one gets. Today my wife and I went to the semi big city. She had an appointment to keep and I wanted to do a little shopping. When we left the house she smiled and exclaimed "Look shaggy manes!" 

Now for those who don't know it, shaggy manes are wild mushrooms that are very edible and go great with steak. The only issue here was there weren't enough to make a real feed so it wasn't worth harvesting them. The game plan, as per my wife, is to let them spore and harvest them later. Personally I'm not a big mushroom fan unless they are fried well but my wife loves them. 

I take my cue from my wife's experience in all things mushroom. As my Father-in-law would say "There are old mushroom pickers and there are bold mushroom pickers but there are no old and bold mushroom pickers." So if she says leave them be, I don't have a problem with that. When we do get around to picking it becomes a time sensitive issue, they need to be blanched upon being picked ASAP.Then if there's enough they will get flash frozen for eating later.

Well that's the extent of my excitement for now. I'll post more on the morrow. Until then, bye-bye.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Living the comfortable life

I've been finding as time goes on that I like the comfortable life with no major challenges where, for the most part, I can do as much or as little as I want. Yesterday as an example the highlight of my day was traveling into town with my wife. She had to get medications and I needed to pick up some water softener. 

While in town we stopped and had some lunch at a little diner called the "Hasty Tasty." The Hasty is one of those places when you walk in and sit down, you feel comfortable which is what I like. The diner has been around since the thirties with very little change in the way of menu or decor.

The later afternoon crowd at the Hasty Tasty
Today started with overcast skies and rain. It's been a rather drab day so far. Aside from roaming the world wide web I've really been doing nothing. Whenever I get around to it I have to bring in the four fifty pound bags of salt for the softener. It's on the agenda so eventually it will get done. 

Oh I almost forgot, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. So in the spirit of the day...

I do hope ye enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day 'n don't forget t' incorporate pirate natter into all yer natters. 'til omorrow bye-bye.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Last kick at the can

This morning saw me up at the crack of eight. Why so early you ask, well I had a tee time for nine and since I can't teleport... The round J and I endured wasn't too bad and In a number of ways it was bitter sweet. Today was the last kick at the can for the year. I know there is still time left to get a few more rounds in but with the trip coming up there really just isn't enough hours in the day.  After lunch is done I will be cleaning the implements of golf course destruction and putting them away for the winter. 

This past weekend we managed not to do a lot. On Saturday I slept in. Now remember that I'm retired and think about that statement for a bit. For me to say I slept in I must have gotten up really late, and I did. I was up and at 'em at the stroke of noon which is the latest I've been up since I pulled the work plug. The only thing I managed to get done was cutting the lawn and getting some yard work finished.

Sunday saw us having a visit from the Bro-in-law with his little three and a half year old bundle of joy. As it normally is the visit was very nice with his daughter being all lovey. After they hit the road our friend S came over and I got the outdoor fire pit going. We sat around the fire until late in the evening, drinking wine and shooting the breeze. It was a very pleasant way to spent the time and when it was all done I hosed down the fire pit because the last thing I want is a forest fire around my log home. 

Well I've things to get done so until the morrow, bye-bye.

Friday, 15 September 2017

What a mess part 2

A dump by any other name
would smell as "sweet"
Today I managed to be up bright and early, that is if you consider nine thirty early. I made myself presentable then got coffee on and had a little breakfast. That out of the way it was off to get the truck ready, once the trailer was covered I headed out for the dump. 

Another dump run done
The trip over was non eventful but when I arrived there was a moment of confusion. They are in the process of  building another entrance kiosk and hadn't really indicated which booth to go to. Not to worry I figured it out soon enough. After declaring what I had I started the laborious task of taking the trash out, then the wood and finally the recyclables. 

Our cat in her
happy place
Then it was off to the vets where I picked up an order of stuff. I had ordered tooth gel and a new tooth brush. When I got home I found our cat and brushed her teeth. It has to be done because her gums are starting to get  a little inflamed. 

It's a good thing that we had the cat declawed when she was just a kitten many years age. For such a small cat she can get real ugly. In the end I got the job done with no punctures from teeth or scratches from back claws. When I let her go the first thing she did was hightail it for her happy place which is a basket of cat toys.  
The before pic...

I had a little lunch then went out to tackle a job I had been putting off, cleaning my shed. The shed serves the same role as a normal person's garage. In it I store all the lawn equipment, my fuel, our bikes etc. Lately it has become a haven for junk. 

It took a while and a lot of crap has ended up in the trailer but the job was done. I could not believe how bad I had let it get but after two and a half hours and several coffee breaks I got the job done. The shed is now usable and the stuff that's inside is accessible. You could say ship shape and Bristol fashion if you like, but the job's done.  

All done and everything in it's place
I know it's early but since I will not be around in October I'm starting on the winter preps next week. Having the area in the shed cleaned up and the workshop trashed out will help. 

Well that's about all from me for today. Happy Friday to you all and remember blogging will resume on Monday. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What a mess

Yesterday we got one of the little things necessary for our trip done, we picked up some local cash (Euros) and ordered some other local cash (Kroners). I'm liking the fact that the Canadian dollar is up from it's basement levels. When we got to the bank, the normally quiet to the point of a pin dropping sounds like a gunshot place was packed. My lovely wife took pity on me an she stood in line while I sat down. I know, I'm lazy. 

What a mess
Now it's workable
Speaking of lazy when I was working on the new/old trailer for S all I wanted to do was get it done. Of course this meant not being as tidy as I should have. Well today I paid the piper for that laziness. I worked steady most of the afternoon only taking the occasional water break. I know, I'm such a slave driver on myself.

Now that this is done the next project is the front shed. I'm planning on trashing out the shed on the weekend. I would do it tomorrow but I already have a trailer full to go to the dump with.
Guess where I'm off to in the morning
So I'm off to the dump first thing in the morning. I figured that since I've already loaded the trailer why bother unhooking it. This way after morning coffee and a bit to eat I'm out bound.

Until tomorrow have as much fun as you can, legalities be damned.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A little under the weather

I haven't posted anything for a while because I've not been feeling that great. The last two nights have seen my under the covers by around nine in the evening. But I'm OK now, the issues have mostly cleared up. This whole getting old thing sucks and is not for the faint of heart. 

On Monday I took the drive out to the range with my friend J. Moose season is coming up and I'm lending him my 7.62 scout because it's a better firearm for taking moose than his 30-30. I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart, I'm expecting some pepperettes if the guys get any made. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I still hit what I aim at. 
50 Yard group with 1 flyer.
After we finished up J and I grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant. The food there was great but this was countered by crappy service. When it was time to go J graciously picked up the tab for the meal but to do this he had to go searching for someone to pay the meal to. 

Well that's about the extent of my excitement these past few days. Until the morrow I bid you farewell.  

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Well that's one project done...

I spent the majority of yesterday working on the new/old trailer. It started with a visit to HD for some lumber. Looking at the costs of simple plywood I ended up with a plan b. I went and picked up two sheets of 16 inch by six feet pine that was a half inch thick to use as sidewalls.

When I got home with wood, screws and other odds and ends I gave battle to the trailer.

Starting to look like a trailer
By mid afternoon it looked like I was winning the battle. There were a few issues like the fact that nothing wanted to line up but perseverance paid off. I had to reuse the front panel but couldn't use the spare tire mount. Originally I was going to use a piece of spare quarter inch plywood but that didn't work out. For the spare tire mount I cobbled one together out of two pieces of 2X4 cut to 5 inches, screwed together and attached to the front wall with deck screws. Then came the drilling of a hole so I could use a lag bolt to secure the tire. 

All done
I cut a board and mounted the hinges then mounted the board as a tail gate with a pair of gate latches to keep it in place and suddenly I was done.

This morning I printed up the paperwork for our friend S who was taking the trailer off my hands. When I went out to hook the trailer up of course the lights didn't work. A quick check and I found the screw for the main ground had broken. Out came the drill and I punched another hole then put another screw in. Of course this broke as did the next one. So then I got smart and used several bits and tested the hole with a screw until one fitted properly. A quick hook up of the wire and I was good to go. 

I took the trailer over to S's place did the sign off and hit the road. It was nice to see the new/old trailer in it's new home. S plans on painting the trailer black then registering it. I'm sure it will look nice in any colour other than the barn paint red that it was in.

As for me the next project on the list is to refit an old suitcase that had been my Father-in-law's into a coffee table with space to store board games. That project will begin on Tuesday.  

As for me it's time to relax a bit and enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Have and accident? No thanks, just had one...

This past weekend was like most weekends with Friday and Saturday being lovely, Sunday was so so with sun and rain while Monday had monsoon moments with some severe weather. On Friday night we had our friend S over for a nice evening around a fire. Sitting, laughing and having a relaxed evening. On Saturday we were out and about One of the stops we made was at the local ice cream shop. Sitting on a park bench watching the boats in the bay and enjoying the sun.

Saturday I was designated to cook dinner. So I bombed up the BBQ and cooked a pair of burgers and vegetables.  The burgers were made with black peppers and whisky, nice. The only issue was that these burgers tend to flair up. Cooking these burgers tends to be a little exciting.

Today I had to bring the truck into the shop for the front brakes. It was a routine visit, almost like dropping in to see some friends. While I was jawing with the owner he suddenly stopped and said "Well that's going to be an expensive day." I asked what he was talking about an he pointed to an accident on the street outside. 

It looked like the black car had been pulling out and the pickup truck slammed into it. The damage to the black car was extensive. In the province where i live the police will not attend car accidents unless the damage is very high or one of the vehicles cannot move. Well the impact to the black car caused the passenger's side front wheel to be bent roughly thirty degrees from the perpendicular. In plain english the black car was not going anywhere. later I watched as a tow truck picked up the black car and went away.

Well so ends my exciting day and to you I say goodbye. Until tomorrow TTFN.

Monday, 4 September 2017

They're dropping like flies...

Welcome back my friends we're so glad you could attend*... Sorry, I've had classic songs running through my head ever since I learned that Walter Becker of Steely Dan had passed away, damn.

Then this morning it was announced that Skip Prokop of Lighthouse was gone, double damn.


These two were a big part of my misspent youth back in the seventies when a lot of hell was raised. Guys like these two in their rock groups were a huge part of the sound track to my life. Rest in peace boys, your like shall not bass this way again. 

* Emerson Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression Part 2)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Work progresses

Up till an hour ago it was a nice sunny day. I was out working on the new/old trailer and all was well. I started working on the red beast this afternoon with the objective to at least get the lights on and the front corner brackets mounted. 

Step one was to lay out a tarp and drag the trailer over it. This was to minimise the amount of ants that I would have crawling over me when I was working under the new/old trailer. That done the next task was to get rid of the old broken wiring. 

I got down on hands and knees then flipped onto my back and went under the trailer. Two things imminently stood out, the first was that the guy who built the trailer had used the same paint in the underside that he used everywhere else. The second this was the fact that when the guy who made the trailer installed the wiring he used a lot of duct tape to secure it to the frame. Once the duct tape was on of course the builder painted it. 

Everything is red and flaking and spiders and ants down here
It took a bit but after a while I had the wire off and it was time to fit the new lights. Of course there was a fitting issue because the lights tended to hang low enough to obscure the license plate. So I had to remove the new lights and reinstall them a little higher. I did the wire connections with the lighting kits supplied connectors. Now the next thing I'm going to be doing in the morning is to re connect the wiring because just as I was cleaning up one of the wires came loose. I will solder  the connections and seal them with heat shrink the way I should have done them in the first place. 

Lights are on but not tested... yet.
The two long L brackets went on OK and I'm happy with them. Tomorrow or Friday I'm going to test the lighting and work the kinks out. On Monday I'll pay a visit to the lumber yard and pick up a sheet of half inch ply wood. When I have that  I'll rip it for the sides and front of the new/old trailer. As for the tail gate I'm planning on reusing the old one.

Well that's about enough from me for now, bye-bye.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

That's always the way

Today I was up at the usual time to a sunny clear blue sky kinda day. Isn't it funny how just before the kids get to go back to class the weather changes from a constant overcast, rainy and wet to sunny mild and beautiful. That's always the way, isn't it, with the Fates looking down at us mere mortals and laughing. 
As you may or may not remember last year I came into possession of a utility trailer from a friend who just wanted to get rid of it. The trailer was way over built for the tasks that it was made to do. The original game plan was to modify it to haul my camping gear and to serve as my big chuck box/camp kitchen. I did, and still do, have another utility trailer that will fill this roll well but at the time I was having issues with it. Thankfully these days the utility trailer is working fine.

Well with the new/old trailer modification project on the back burner, time passed. Recently I promised another friend that she could have the trailer if she paid for the materials to make it usable. Well now that I've cleared the deck, as it were, of other projects I've started to work on the new/old trailer again. 

Yes... it's been a while
After dragging the new/old trailer out I figured on starting small. Today's quest was to take off the old lighting and install a new set of LED tail lights. I wasn't into the task five minutes when I remembered how the builder had used whatever materials he had at hand. For example, the tail lights are held on to the trailer by four bolts. On this trailer of course two of the bolts are metric and two are imperial. When I discovered this I figured on one side the bolts would be metric and the other imperial, but noooo... The builder used one metric and one imperial bolt on each light.

The new/old trailer
This little revelation took around five minutes to figure out. Then there was getting the painted over nuts off the painted over bolts with the protective steel frame in the way. Well after puttering around with this for around a half hour, including having to move the trailer because of the ants, I decided to go inside and have a cold clear glass of water. 

That's one of the nice things about being retired, I work on my own schedule. I will pick up the project tomorrow morning. First thing will be to move the trailer to a location where I'll be able to put a tarp down and hopefully the tarp will keep the ants at bay. Then a little wire pulling and the lights should be mounted. Knowing what I already know about this trailer I know it will be nowhere near as easy as it should be. Oh well as with everything else with me these days, that's always the way. 

So until the morrow I bid you farewell.


Monday, 28 August 2017

Living the retired life...

This past weekend was a nice one for a change. I figure that somebody upstairs must have been asleep at the switch because while Saturday was a nice day so was Sunday/

Saturday found us on the hunt for some fresh food at a farmers country store. We did manage to find the stuff for dinner and, of course there was the after dinner stuff to check out as well. The place we were at had a great selection of edibles including venison and bison meet. We just stuck with the normal everyday fruits and vegetables. 

Since my lovely wife was driving we didn't go straight home, out path took us along the back roads. This was nice since it let us see what's going on, being built or torn down in the area. On the way we came across a solar farm that we stopped and looked at for a moment. Row upon row it was a place of panels as far as the eye could see.

Once we got home I relaxed for a bit while my wife did the prepping of our food. We had MexTex that evening and it was good. While my wife did prep the food I was the one who had to slave over a hot griddle. In the end it was a group effort that tasted great.

J's backyard
Sunday was a bit of a washout, not weather wise but me wise. It seemed like a dark cloud settled over me and wouldn't let go. I guess this could be called a black spot but whatever you want to call it I was in a horrible mood all day. 

Today saw me up early (I've got to stop doing that) and out to my friend J's place. When I got there he was still getting ready so I took a look around. J lives on a river and it was just a gorgeous morning. We couldn't hang around too long we has a tee time at a golf course called Diamond in the Rough.
First tee line up.
Having never been there before and with a GPS that was finicky made for an interesting drive but we made it in good time. After paying the green fees we introduced ourselves to the starter then we waited... But in the end the wait was worth it. 

Diamond in the Rough is a nice short course of only nine holes which at my age is fine. The course was very scenic and as a nice touch there were a pair of Muskoka  chairs at each tee. So while it was a longer round than I would have liked it was nice to have a seat and watch the group ahead. 

I wonder what they do for four-sums
After the round was done J and I had some lunch then it was off for home. When we got back to J's place I had a look at his new outdoor screen room. He built it himself and it turned out great. Inside he added a fire table for those cool evenings of sitting back relaxing and having a glass of bourbon with friends. 

J's outdoor screen room
As for me I'm back home relaxing. After today's blog has been put to bed I've got to vacuum pack son chicken that my wife picked out when she was at the store yesterday. No rest for the wicked I guess. Until tomorrow bye-bye.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

I dragged my carcass out of bed for this?

Last night sleep didn't come easily and when it finally arrived it was too brief. I awoke before the alarm so I decided to lay there and enjoy the moment. Of course this led to my going back to sleep and almost sleeping in. The issue was that I had to be out early, today was a golf day at Lake St George with friend J. Our tee time was for eight AM.

When I did regain consciousness I rolled out of the rack and jumped into the shower. Then came the task of making my self look human. I even managed not to slit my throat which was a good thing considering that had this happened and if I survived I would have had to clean up the mess.  

Once dressed and downstairs I grabbed some breakfast and while eating I managed to wear a bit of it. After getting that taken care of I was out the door, putting the clubs into the back of the truck and roaring off for the course. 

I managed to get to the course on time, just, and after paying the green fees J and I were off. My game wasn't too bad today but I do have concentration issues. It seemed that whenever I lost focus the resulting swing turned out to be ugly. In the end for the one ball lost I had found two so in all things balanced out. 

The view from the fifth tee
As it turned out for me the best hole of the round was the fifth. While I did hit the tee shot a little fat the ball managed to find it's way to the green. This is not a normal thing for me, usually the ball finds the water. 

Leaves are changing
One thing I did notice as I was walking towards the green was a few of the trees were changing from their summer "lets party green" to "time to put the party clothes away" fall colors. For me this is a little disturbing, it was just yesterday that summer began. 

The little white speck on the left, that's where my ball landed
In case you were wondering, and I know you were, I managed to birdie the hole. Anyway as we carried on playing there was a little bit of drizzle but we soldered on. In the end the weather didn't really effect our game considering we are both hacks who were not even keeping score.

After the game J and I had some drinks in the clubhouse and plotted our next moves. If all goes well we will be out again on Monday. The course we are looking at has a promotion called Loony Mondays. That's one dollar per hole so the game will cost nine bucks plus tax. The course we are looking at is a regulation nine hole affair. While we will have to walk, it's only a 3400ish long course.

Anyway that's about it for now. I hope my ramblings didn't make your eyes glaze over too much. I'll be going into the semi big city later with my lovely wife so until tomorrow bye-bye.


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The end of another day

Yesterday was a bit of a write off. What with the overcast skies and the rain I really didn't feel like doing much. The only thing I got done yesterday was getting the truck into the shop for an oil change. While it was there they checked the front breaks. Sadly they will have to be done sooner rather than later.

It was one of those "if you don't like the weather hold off for twenty minutes" kinda days. At least it was this morning. I was up at nine thirty when the phone rang. It was for my wife, the message being that an appointment had been changed. After lunch I was out driving around in circles on my lawn. I'm going to have to take the blades off an sharpen them sooner that later when I started to cut there was a serious vibration. Meh, I will deal with it tomorrow.

So as you can see life for me has fallen into the humdrum. 

The end of another day
Here are a few links for you to have a look at. 

When you look at the evening news and see all the carnage caused by terrorists remember it's not as bad as you think

If you missed this past eclipse here's your plan B so don't give up hope. 

Nothing like sitting down to play a game of euchre and leading with trump

Have you ever wondered where an old friend has gotten too? Well should you want to find that old friend here are some tips

Have you ever wondered how an old friend has managed to tap your cellphone wallet? Well should you ever wonder here's one of the ways.

This is what one would call an oops.

I read this article and I would say without a shadow of a doubt this is PC run amuck.

Well I know what our niece A is going to get this Christmas.

That's about all for today. Bye-bye from up here in the country.

Monday, 21 August 2017

The car of my dreams

This past weekend after I had put the blog out on Saturday I did manage to get into town for the antique car show. While I would love to post photos of cars that I looked at my cell phone stayed on the couch when I left home.

When I got there the streets were crowded and parking was a bit hard to fine. I had to peruse two lots before finding a spot to leave the truck. It was worth it, some of the vehicles that were on display were just way too cool. The ones that come to mind were a vintage nineteen fifties Willies Jeep in olive drab complete with a mounted Bren Gun. The Willies Jeep is the car of my dreams. I spoke with the owner but couldn't stay to long with him. The jeep is up for sale and all I had to do was wright a cheque for fifteen grand. Damn...

As I strolled along I came upon a seventies vintage Gremlin X that reminded me of the car a friend had when I was working at Ontario Place. Then there was a fully restored AMC Eagle 4WD like my brother W once drove. 

One set of wheels that made me laugh was a mint baby blue Plymouth Satellite. It reminded me of a long lost friend. On night him and I took the Satellite into Barrie Ontario and ended up in a high speed chase after mooning some cops in a McDonald's parking lot, and yes alcohol was involved.

One bad thing about the day was the weather. It rained on and off all afternoon which put a damper on looking at the cars. It was almost a case of “if you don't like the weather, wait twenty minutes.” After walking around for an hour I decided to head for the barn. After making a pit stop to pick up some veggies for dinner I arrived home. Our friend S had dropped in and my wife had asked her to stay for supper. With a little help from my wife I put on a scrumptious dinner and we sat around a caught up on things.

Sunday we decided turn around was fair play so we dropped in on S at her place. The original game plan was to go swimming but we started talking about gardens, tRump and other things. Before we knew it the time had come for us to depart.

Today the highlight was reading the comments on twitter about the eclipse. As for me it became a little more twilight-ish but that could have been clouds. I did venture out but that was to work on the SKS not gaze into the heavens. 

All I had to do was look up but I like my eyesight...
Well that's about it for now. Tomorrow is another day so until then, bye-bye.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

After action report

Good morning and welcome to the weekend. Today is Saturday and with the first half of the weekend comes the obligatory overcast with a good chance of rain. 

Yesterday we went in to see Doctor K and for the most part he was happy with the results of the latest round of tests. My lovely with has to do some minor tweaking but aside from that all is good. 
Something I don't miss, the North bound Friday night
traffic to cottage country, the place where I live. 
Yesterday I wrote that we were going out to dinner which was strictly not the case. We had an invite to a fortieth birthday party and I didn't want to incur the wrath of my Bro-in-Law as it was for his lovely wife.  

The center piece
My wife and I caught up with some dear old friends that we don't see enough of. When the birthday girl arrived she was mildly surprised. The entry was one of those classic moment. She walked in and simply stopped, we yelled surprise and for a very brief moment the birthday girl was like a deer in the headlights. Then came the laughter and the party really got started. 

The party was held in an old farm implement factory called the Gibson Centre which is around a hundred and eighteen years old. I happen to love old restored building and this was right up my ally. The first chance I got I went off to explore. The best thing about the Gibson Centre is from the second you open the door and step inside, there's a feeling of comfortableness about the place. What an amazing place the Gibson Centre is.

The Gibson Centre
Last night we got home late but surprisingly sleep came easily and this morning I was up at the crack of eight thirty to an overcast day.

One thing that did happen yesterday that was mildly disturbing was seeing this when we went out at noon...

Brace yourselves, winter is coming...
It's only the third week in August and the leaves are starting to change and fall. We all know what that means, winter is coming. I guess soon I will be starting with the winter preps.

Well my coffee is getting cold and there's a classic car show in town which I wanted to visit, so until Monday I bid you adieu.   


Friday, 18 August 2017

That's what friends are for...

I had an early start to the day today. OMG! Who knew the sun was up at eight in the morning? One of my friends, T, needed a ride and I was happy to oblige but it meant getting up in "the middle of the night" to go get him. He was getting his ride looked at for a long trip. One of the nice things was that while I was at the auto shop I booked my ride in for an oil change next week. 

Today is one of those running around kinda days. This morning it was off to pick up T then this afternoon it's down to the semi big city to get yelled at by Dr. K then tonight we are looking at dinner out. Not sure where but it's Friday and Friday is dinner out day. 

Since I had a little time this morning I've been perusing the web. Here are some of the links that I found which interested me.
For the longest time I have wanted a bike of the two wheeled motorized variety. While my beloved wife (in her overprotective capacity) has always managed to talk me out of it, the want is still there. Every so often I see something like this and the want flairs up into a need then I see something like this and it settles back down into the area of a want.  Meh, who knows maybe I'll take the trip and go buy a lottery ticket then buy one after I win. After all somebody has to win.

I see that it has become active over in Europe again. Well all I have to say is our tickets are booked so get it out of your system now terrorists. I don't want any of this nonsense while we are over there.

In a past life as a first responder, among other things, I had to deal with my fair share of people with peanut allergies. Well I'm glad to see there is some advances in this area of health care.

Speaking (writing?) of health care here's something that popped up recently which gives me hope. I have known and know too many people who have been afflicted with this and frankly the idea that I may get it scares the hell out of me.

They say a miss is as good as a mile, but who are they that say this? 

So you want to make music, you want to play all sorts of guitars but can only afford one. Well have I got a guitar for you... 

Every day I make it a point to visit a web page called 365 Tomorrows because it features some very good up am coming short story talent. The authors write what is known as flash stories. These are stories no longer than a page in length. Here's a good example of their short stories.

If any thing pops up I'll post later otherwise it's Friday so no posts until the weekend is done. Bye for now...


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A walk in the park

Today was shot to hell even before it began. Last night I had the devil's own time trying to fall sleep and when I finally did my wife came to bed. It's not her fault that I'm a light sleeper, it's always been hard for me to drift off, sigh. I wanted to be up early but when the last thing one remembers before falling asleep is the first rays of dawn that's a little hard. Needless to say I was up late with no real ambition to work on anything.

After checking the news and having some food and of course a cup of java I settled in behind the personal confuser. Round about two I decided to venture forth and get some air. Seeing it was such a nice day I went to a place called Tudhope Park in the wannabe big city.
Ice cream guy was doing a brisk business
I strolled around the path for an hour or so... watching the people, the birds and taking pictures that interested me.
A nice shady spot for a rest.
The people I came across were happy and smiling with kids who looked like they were having fun. All this was for me a nice thing to see.
The beach was busy as you can imagine
Tudhope park has a lot going for it. There's a rec center there, several sports diamonds to play baseball and a nice long paved path to walk on.
The path

The park reminds me a lot of a smaller German Kurpark (minus the spas) where people can go to relax after a long day. 
Even the Canada Geese were enjoying the day
I managed to finish the walk around the park in about an hour and a bit with little trouble on my part.  I figure I will be back next week with one difference, I'm going to bring my bike and ride the trail as I watched many people do. 
The water was just so clear...
Before heading for home I made a brief pit stop at our local deli. I figured since I was in the area I might as well pick up dinner for tomorrow. While I was at the deli I fell to temptation and picked up a small pie of the blueberry kind. You know what they say, a waist is a terrible thing to mind.

Well that's about all for now, until the morrow bye-bye.