Thursday, 8 December 2016

We learn something every day

Every day is a learning experience. If you are not learning something you're stagnating. Take yesterday I learned that on a product description the words "universal fit" isn't, that "no extra parts required" requires extra parts and sales people aren't your friend, they just want to sell product.

I went down to a big box store, I know my bad, because they had the sump pump I wanted at a price I could swallow. I read on the box the words "no extra parts required" and confirmed this with the sales guy, so I thought great. I put the pump in the cart picked up a few other things paid and went home. 

I got home after a round trip of 40 kilometers, opened the box and looked at the instructions. Everything was straight forward enough right up to the part about the installation of a water check valve which is not supplied. So off I went once again this time to the nearby town where they have another big box store. I know, but I just wanted to get this thing done. So after talking with another sales guy I picked up a universal fit check valve and some pipe. I got home after a round trip of 20K and proceeded to work. 

The day's next learning experience was founding out the "universal fit" 1.5 inch check valve I was assured would be no problem wasn't universal fit and was a problem. The valve screwed perfectly into the sump pump but attaching it to the pipe, not so much. This issue was corrected after 20 minutes of sanding and  a little liquid soap as lube plus a few taps with a mallet. Once that was done I installed the pipe/check valve on to the pump and placed it in the sump. With a little cutting, fitting and gluing of plastic pipe I soon had the install done. I then placed, or tried to place the cover over the sump. The "universal fit" sump pump as it turned out was an inch too short so I left it off. Some time when I get around to it I will make one out of ply wood and fit it but for now the unit works and I'm just going to leave it alone. 

Looking back some of the above was clearly my fault. For example the check valve was designed to fit flexible hose not ABS pipe but in my defense I am not a plumber, this was how the plumber who installed the unit in the first place did it.

Today I'm off again. This time my wife and I are heading to another semi big city to see our dentist. Looking out the window and seeing the reports on the web tell me that the trip will be interesting. The weathertainers have issued a series of "it's the end of the world" statements. In reality we are in the midst of a snow storm. Nothing we haven't had before and that we will have again. The only thing is that we will be leaving early. I really don't want to have to drive like a bat out of hell in a snow storm.

Here are a few links to tide you over until the morrow. 

You ever have that guest who simply will not take a hint and leave? Well this is not how to deal with it.  

For those who were/are afraid of the power Mr. Trump has as president take solace in the fact there are checks and balances.

I'm not sure what I would do in a situation like this. I would just hope that my would not be this funny cruel and put me to the test. 

Looks like the Democrats are still bitter about loosing to Mr. Trump. 

Well if you are going to loose the subsidy for your assisted living seniors residence getting caught with a hooker under your bed is as good a reason as any. 

Once upon a time I trusted all police officers. To this day some good friends are still cops and I trust them however trust the general rank and file, not so much

In a short while we will be venturing out into the cold snowy landscape, so until tomorrow that's it from up here North of Disorder.

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