Thursday, 29 December 2016

Up and at 'em, round two

 I was very tired last night so rather than fight it I thought what the heck, go with the flow. At around nine thirty I was in bed and out cold sleeping the sleep of the just. I vaguely remember sometime later that my wife joined me. I slept on and on until at five after five I could sleep no more. So here I am at the personal confuser tap, tap, tapping away at the key board. 

It snowed again last night as it usually does in late December. I figure we got a couple of inches. Later, well  after sun up I will deal with it. Right now however, I have to go back to bed because the mistress of the house, our cat has noticed I'm gone and is caterwauling. 

Time passes...

I did go back to bed and the cat did stop being a pain in the butt so that worked out well. The snow however did not stop and we are slowly being buried in the white stuff. The weathertainers are saying that it will stop around eleven this morning. As for me, I predict the snow will stop some time in mid to late April. Well looks like the snow has stopped. Time to flash up the machine and clear the driveway.

Well that's enough for now on this twenty ninth day of December, Earth abides.  


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