Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday grumbles

Last night we went out to a birthday party for a 3 year old who also happens to be my niece. There's just something about watching the very young in action that brings a smile. I may be biased however I feel that my now 3 year old niece is so adorable that it almost hurts. During the event she was as good as gold, not indulging in any tantrums as is normal for her peers and at the end she was carried out by daddy to the truck almost asleep. 

As for me, I did OK. The only mistake was wearing deck shoes and not boots. Whatever deity runs the joint noticed my failure, so by the time we got to the restaurant it was snowing rather heavily.

The restaurant was one of those all you can shove into your face kind, which I took advantage of. While I did over eat, it wasn't by that much and the only real mistake I made was having a big piece of birthday cake at the end. After the cake I felt like a sack of... you know. The cake and the rest of the meal was simply too good. 

When we left it had stopped snowing so I took the back road home. While I didn't partake in any alcoholic beverages I didn't feel like getting stopped by any of the Gestapo RIDE spot checks. On the way we drove through the little community of Shanty Bay. A community of monster homes on huge estates. Shanty Bay had it's roots as a spot where the poor once hung out but now it's a seriously high rent district. One of the places that we passed was lit up so much, I figured Hydro had to put on another reactor for the over load. The owner had all the trees lighted up all the way down the drive to his humble little home. Of course I stopped and took a pic of this place along the way. 

Here are a few Sunday links for you to enjoy.

Looks like our Prime Minister - the bringer of hope, light and joy to the people of Canada - isn't as golden as he once was

Just because I agree with this fool in two areas, it doesn't mean I support him

And here I was under the impression that we were done with book burning, silly me.    

I know there will be some who disagree but here is an example of gun control in action. The shooter didn't use a pistol, an AK-47 or even an AR-15. The victims were murdered with a hunting rifle

Looks like the Venezuela government has come up with a solution for their money troubles, print larger denominations. Well at least the citizens will not have to use wheelbarrows as much.

I'm not sure who said this but I agree totally with the sentiment. Only those who let themselves be coerced will get coerced.

Here are a few simple rules to think about if you are going to indulge in spray painting F*** Trump
on a building. First look around for video cameras, this is commonly known as casing the joint. Second don't do it if you are an assistant city solicitor.

Oz where even the cute creatures are out to get you. On the plus side the kangaroo let go of the dog after the owner gave it a punch in the face.

That brings today's entry to a close. From up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor I bid you good day.

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