Tuesday, 20 December 2016

State of the world from a grumpy guy's eyes

last night was... let's say not a good one thanks to a certain cat and an issues with sleeping on my left side. It seemed that every time | would roll over to my right side her majesty would start caterwauling and head butting me. Then when that didn't work she would jump on me then try to launch over to my wife. This would result in my being awake, grabbing her and moving back to the left side. After a while when I thought she was asleep I would try to roll over again and the whole process would begin again. So right now I'm at the personal confuser getting blisters on my butt from it's dragging.

Looking at the news I see the world is as screwed up as ever with a lot of little events being blown out of proportion. Take for example the latest terrorist attack in Europe, it took place yesterday in Berlin during the Christmas market. This was a place where I have been with friends in years past. It is a place where when we'll go see family next year we will possibly visit and stroll along the grounds. It is a place the media has described as full of chaos, death and destruction. One positive thing I see about this incident that others seem to miss or ignore, is the goblin used a big stolen truck to carry out his attack. Now how is that a positive thing you're thinking, well that means the controls of firearms in place are working and the goblins are having to improvise.

In Turkey the Russian ambassador was also killed yesterday. This time it wasn't a big truck that was used it was an evil handgun. In a land also with very strict gun controls it was hard to grasp where the goblin got his tool of death. It turns out the goblin was a police officer who went a little off the edge. Turkey has see 18 terrorist attacks this year but the people are learning to cope with this new reality. 

next year we will be travelling to Europe but we will not be using the services of PIA airline. I figure any airline run by a group that feels the need to slaughter animals to bring on good luck isn't for me. 

The electors have cast their ballots and all that's left is to count the votes. The great hoopla about how the electors would rebel and vote their conscience has fizzled out and Mr. Trump is the next president for real. After Hillery Clinton lost stocks in gun manufacturing companies plummeted.  The logic was no Clinton, no tightening of regulations so no increased market. Well the ironic thing is the folks on the left, the democrats who wanted to strip Americans of their 2nd amendment rights, have stepped up and are the ones now buying the guns

Well at least there areas when gun violence in America isn't that great like Detroit.   

Back here at home in the Great White North we have the week of silly politicians doing silly things. For example here is a member of parliament saying how parliament is the wrong place to bring up her party's transgressions. Kinda makes me wonder what the right place is. Then we have a provincial leader who has just instituted a program to lend more money to those who are already over their head. The leader of the province that I live in who simply can't take a hint to pull the plug. And to all these we can add how our Prime Minister the media's darling has lied about surveillance. One of the thing he campaigned on was rolling back the powers his predecessor enacted to spy on people. Now it looks like those powers will be increased. At least the telecoms are pushing back

One thing our government has proved this year is the old adage when all is said and done more will be said than done is true. I guess that for our civil masters in Ottawa this can be seen as a good thing. 

Looking at the goings on around the world and here at home, well... To say we are living in "interesting times" does not sum up the half of what's going on. 


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