Monday, 26 December 2016

Recovery mode

Here is is the 26th, Christmas been and gone. I should have got the trash out this morning but I didn't. Even though it's a holiday today, Boxing day, the gang who pick up the trash still work. The official story is that there has been freezing rain and I don't want to fall on my butt.  I just don't bounce as well as I once did even with the extra padding. The real reason was that I just didn't feel like getting all dressed up, sorting through all the stuff to take care of the recyclables, packing it all up and dragging it to the curb all over a sheet of ice.  

Christmas eve was good, the whole gang was over and as per normal we ate, drank and partied to excess. It was nice to see all the goings on with the interaction between people. With the kids opening their gifts, the Christmas music in the background and the laughter it was like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting. Dinner was great with everyone pitching in then it was time to savor the moment and just catch up on each others lives. 

Meanwhile Santa made his rounds around the world. I was happy to see the North Koreans didn't shoot the jolly old guy down. That would have been a bummer.
So all in all, the evening was a success with a good time being had by all. As for me I got several new shinies that I had been angling for. A new maul to split wood, a pair of ski goggles for snow blowing, some very goof Tennessee bourbon liqueur and a book that I had been wanting for a while. 

Yesterday, Christmas, was a quiet one where we did the traditional recovery from the partying of the night before. A friend, S, came over and we had brunch. The brunch consisted of two old favorites, Eggs Benedict and Mimosas. Yes the brunch of champions. Then it was a day of simple relaxation with a good book, great conversation which was followed by a dinner of left overs. S had to beat feet around nine or so because of the impeding freezing rain leaving my wife and I to our nice cozy fire  

This morning when I crawled out, the world had been painted with a coat of ice. The sun didn't so much rise this morning as the black of night morphed into the grey of day. Today I don't plan on doing a heck of a lot. maybe later if I get some motivation I'll go downstairs and hit our version of a gym and see how bad things body wise have become. But that's for later, for now I'm content to simply sit here and sip my coffee as the world spins on it's axis. 

December 26, 2016... Earth abides.

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