Saturday, 10 December 2016

Quiet Time

Brady the dog.
 Last night found up at neighbours T & L for dinner. The company was good the discussions fun and the food excellent but that is what we have come to expect from these guys.  Their dog, Brady, still thinks it's a lap dog/puppy when in reality if could be used to pull a plough on a farm. Friendly and playful don't begin to describe his puppy like character. I hadn't been sitting a minute when the big fellow was up on the couch playing lap dog much to my delight and our neighbour's horror. I  laughed at the attempt to keep him off the couch by placing pillows there.

This morning we were up and out a little after nine. Once again I was reminded why mixing types of wine is a bad thing. After sucking back a couple of pain killers and some water we hit the road. We went to a little diner in town for some breakfast then it was off to pick up  a few things. Seeing the time of year you know those things were Christmas gifts. The hardest thing was to find a pair of funky socks for a sock party. 

Remember the good old days of the Christmas cookie exchanges? Well times they are a changes. We had to find a pair of socks for a sock exchange my wife had been invited to. Plus find some goodies to stuff the socks with. We found the socks easy enough at a place called Mariposa Market in town. Not only that but also the trinkets for stuffing into the socks. 

After getting home I was almost ready to publish the blog when we got a call from sister-in-law L. There was some issues with one of their vehicles so we worked out the details and I went to a safe neutral location for a pickup. When we met up I was treated to a coffee and some very delightful conversation with L and two friends D & K who had driven here to the safe neutral location. Coffee done and it was to make a run for home. 

It's kinda amusing that my sister-in-law L is just about as antsy as I am. When I'm going somewhere I want to be home or there, the in between step drives my nuts. L is the same way so even while the function tonight doesn't start until around seven they pulled out around a half hour ago. 

So that brings me up to the now moment. Here I am with all the running around done, all alone and enjoying the quiet time. 

That's all for me from up here North of Disorder...

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