Thursday, 1 December 2016

Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes...

Yesterday I managed, to get some shopping of the Christmas kind done in the semi big city. Even though it poured buckets I was in a "get 'er done" frame of mind. While in a rather big sporting goods store I (figuratively) bumped into an old friend. She was from a long, long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... from a time when I still worked for a living. 

We chatted for a few minutes and before I knew it she was telling me about all the goings on. From what she said it looks like my former workplace has turned into a sort of 'Game of Thrones.' Her description of what has happened since I left has once again confirmed that I made the right decision to get out when I did. 

Another bit of news, yesterday I received the warning order, the boy's politically incorrect ice fishing trip is on! A couple of decades ago I was invited to go with some family and a few friends for a weekend of ice fishing up north. There were just the two brother-in-laws and a few close friends, seven in total including moi. The object was to let off a little steam and have a bit of fun. In the beginning we stayed at a friends cottage on a lake in the middle of nowhere. The fishing turned out to be, meh but the fun we had was off the scale.

Thus the "Boy's politically incorrect weekend" was born.

One thing we all had in common was that we were all married, some with kids and some (like me) without. The ice fishing trip let us get away from all the cares of the world and do as much or little of whatever as we liked. For a few short days we could talk as we pleased, eat and drink as we liked, do what ever the heck we wanted and all this without the pressure of being politically correct. Tossed into the mix was actually catching the occasional fish.

About catching fish... to make it a little more, ah, interesting there's money on the line. When we get to the huts each person puts ten bucks in a pot. At noon on the last day the guy who caught the biggest fish takes said pot.

As time has slipped by a few things have changed, gone are the days of partying till the wee hours, getting up before dawn to get lines in the water. Now we are lucky to see ten o'clock in the evening before we are all sawing logs. But that's OK by the grace of whatever deity that runs the joint, we are all still here and still going and that's a good thing.

I would regale you with epic tails of the adventures we've had, but there is a rule...   What goes on in the hut, stays in the hut. Let's just say we have had some good times and leave it at that. 

Here are a few links from the world wide web. please enjoy responsibly.

Remember those days you spent in chemistry class scratching your head? remember how you had to memorize the table of elements?  Well FYI that table is no longer relevant, it's obsolete.

And this, kids, is why hippos are regarded as non contact animals...   

I suspect that the guard has a lot of explaining to do after leaving he back of an armored truck open an unguarded. On the plus side there's some good video of the guy who swooped in and acquired a bucket full of gold flakes.

I looked at this and thought "no way could this work." On the plus side they look good and extras could be carried and put on as needed. Who knows Nike might just get interested in these running shoes for horses.

This, as my smarter than me wife said, is the law of social entropy* in action. The first paragraph about says it all.

The special committee of MPs studying electoral reform in Canada recommends the government hold a referendum that pits the current system against a system of proportional representation, without specifying a particular alternative.
How does one chose between a known system and an unknown system?  All I gotta say is it's a good thing these guys weren't in charge of getting rid of hurricanes with nukes.

Well the clock is ticking and I've just been informed that we are out of coffee so I have to be going to the semi big city again. That's it from up here North of disorder, West of Dishonor.

* Social entropy - But consider the Law of Social Entropy. The natural tendency in the physical realm is toward ever-increasing randomness or disorder, what we call Chaos or entropy. So too, in the realm of human culture. To locally and temporarily reverse the trend towards entropy in the physical realm requires energy. And so too in human societies — Social Energy. The more Ordered, thus unnatural, anti-entropic, a society, the more Social Energy is required to maintain the unnatural condition. And how is this Social Energy to be obtained? Why, by so ordering the society as to produce it! Which, as you can see, requires more Order in return. Which creates a demand for more Social Energy, and so forth, in a geometric progression that spirals as long as the society attempts to achieve Order.”
- Norman Spinrad, Agent of Chaos

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