Wednesday, 7 December 2016

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days, you know the kind where the balls on the pool table don't quite line up. It started with the idea that I could save a couple of bucks on the vet bills. My little fur ball has always had dental issues. We started to mitigate this a few years ago by adding a supplement to the cat's  water that helps reduce tarter and strengthen the teeth. It took a little while but in the end the fuzz ball got used to drinking the water. A short time later we started giving the fuzz ball dental cat treats with no problem. To say she took to the treats would be an understatement. 
Well the other day while playing with the fuzz ball I noted that her breath wasn't the sweetest. I figured it was time to go to plan C. Plan C entails sometime in the day sitting the cat down, securing her little frame and... brushing here teeth. OK I'll stop writing for a sec while you get yourself under control, you can stop laughing now. FYI there were no serious injuries on my part. Well it took several attempts but I managed to get the task done. I'm hoping that the little fuzz ball will get used to this and not fight me as much. Time will tell in the end how effective this is.  

During the day yesterday I noticed the sump pump was making weird noises. I went down and before I arrived at the equipment room the pump shut off so I went back up stairs. This happened several more times so the last time it happened I hit the float switch and made the pump run. Seeing the results I unplugged the pump, turned off the source of the water running into the sump (humidifier) and went back up stairs.  I turned on the personal confuser and opened up the encyclopedia universal that is the internet. Then I set out to learn all that is to be learned about sump pumps. 
I learned that there is not that much to learn about them and replacing one isn't akin to a surgical procedure which is nice. I hate calling plumbers, while I know they are nice people the cost of and arm, leg and torso is a little much. 
So now I'm going to rap this up and head into the semi big city and visit a plumbing supply shop I have dealt with before and pick up a sump pump. Later when I return home I'm going to make the attempt at installing the new unit so pray for me. 
That's all from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor. 

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