Saturday, 31 December 2016

Oh good, more snow... & more links

This morning has found me once again with the prospect of battling the snow. Unlike yesterday's brief reprieve of a sunny morning, today dawned with overcast and lots of the white stuff. Snow that is charming us with it's altering of the surroundings into a quaint Norman Rockwell picture. I just can't wait until spring when there will be something else to write about. March 20th can't come soon enough.

Later when the plow has been by I'm going to head out and clean up the driveway again. This time I have to adjust the snowblower because the clutch cable for the impeller has come loose. It sounds serious but in reality it's not a big job. All I have to do is loosen a lock nut then tighten a turn buckle to the desired tension then tighten the lock nut. Anyway we shall see how it goes. Given my lack of skill with all things mechanical, pray for me.

Here are a few links for you...

Tonight is New Years Eve and there are celebrations all over the place. Along with those celebrations comes the fear of another terrorist attack so action to protect the revelers has been taken.  Fighting these bad guys has always been like playing wack-a-mole. The West has to totally wipe them out down to every man woman and child or it will eventually loose. Why? Because terrorists don't have to win, all they have to do is stay alive and grow.  As for me, due to weather concerns tonight's festivities are off. It will be just me and my Wife at midnight toasting the new year. 

I see that British PM Theresa May has broken ranks with Obama over Kerry's anti Israel speech. It would have been nicer if the Brits had vetoed the anti Israel resolution but you can't have everything. Here at home in Canada the ball's in Mr. Trudeau's court regarding Israel.

As for Lame Duck Obama it looks like this round in the global chess match will go to Mr. Putin. 

Depending on how
things go, this may
be my next avatar.
Tomorrow is the dawn of a new year and with that dawn prices will go up "for our own good" with additional taxes. A year that will see the rising cost of everyday items, due to the trickle down effect, outstrip the cost of inflation. Remember businesses are not charities so any additional costs will be passed down to the consumer. As a guy who now lives on a very moderate income this scares me. Already I've seen the municipal tax increase for 2017 and it's higher than normal at 4 percent. Well we shall see how things progress. 

It's nice to see a majority of Canadians think 2017 will be better than last year.  I would agree with these folks if it were just Canada but we are part of a global economy and the future for the planet may not be as rosy. There is one little glimmer of hope, it looks like Mr. Putin will not be indulging in an arms race with the not so United States of America. It's not a decision of fear but rather one of cost.

As you look to the future and try to discern what is coming, think of this... “History is seasonal, and winter is coming.” With that cheery note I'm off to do battle with the snow... again. 

That's it until next year from up here North of Disorder. 


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