Sunday, 18 December 2016

New Shiny

Here I sit at the personal confuser while it's sunny and clear outside. There's a gift from Mother Nature of around six inches of snow she left during yesterday and last night that I have to do something about...

There, I'm back. Did you miss me? Anyway I have taken care on the white stuff and we can now go out should the need come up.

A couple of days ago I received my new shiny in the mail. The new shiny is now my new everyday carry knife. The knife is a Strand made by a company called Quiet carry. The company is a one man band outfit run by a guy named Bryce Alexander of Costa Mesa, CA. The knife is smaller, lighter and handier than the Zero Tolerance ZT350 I was carrying. The blade is D2 tool steel that has gone through a special cryogenic hardening process. Out of the box the blade was sharp enough to take hair off my arm. The scales are made from titanium and it has a Chris Reeve style lock.

To say I'm happy with the new shiny is an understatement. It should have been in my hands around a month ago but there were a few minor glitches with the satin finish. I checked the website and noticed that Mr. Alexander isn't offering the satin finish on the models he is now selling. I guess that makes my Strand a collector's item given there were only a few hundred produced. I'm glad I took the chance and picked one of the up it is a big improvement over the old ZT350. 

Here are a few links for you to have a gander at...

Down south of the border the teeth gnashing about the failure of the Democrats continues.

Meanwhile in Aleppo the stupidity continues.   

In a decision right out of a Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves the the Turkish government has decided to cancel Christmas for the folks who are in a German run school. No trees, no cards, no decorations, no nothing. 

I see the eco-freaks are at it again. Now there is a push on the "save the prairie grass lands." Personally, I would rather be able to eat but that's just me. 

Meanwhile on the finical doom and gloom front we have this warning. A warning the people running British Columbia haven't been told about.

I love pets just as much as the next guy but to go to court over custody rights for a dog? Well it looks like a judge has agreed with my sentiments that dogs are not the same as children.

This link is for me a blast from the past. I used to have to deal with complaints like this on a daily basis during the summer. Complaints from prudish self centered do-gooders used to drive me mad. 

That's about all from me. Now I'm off to fight wars on Twitter. Why? Because I can. Until the morrow from up here North of disorder.

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