Saturday, 17 December 2016

Musings from up here in the Great White North

Here it is noon on Saturday and I'm still in my bathrobe. Why? Because there is a weather front coming in with freezing drizzle. Looking at the weather I'm starting to think this is like the movie Groundhog Day where everything repeats again and again and again... Then there's the fact that I'm retired and if I don't feel like getting dressed I don't have to. 

So there...

Anyway at the risk of repeating myself there is nothing really going on. The only thing I have managed to do was scour the web so here are a few links for you.

Seeing that this is the season of giving here is a guy that decided to give in a big way. Kinda makes me look cheep for giving these out back in the day. 

Meanwhile in that bastion of socialism, Venezuela, the hits just keep on coming. Every time I see more news about further declines in this poor self impoverished country I can't help but wonder what will it take for these sheep people to rise up and remove these fools who are running the show? But in the end the people got the government that they wanted when they elected this man

Then there's that other great bastion of socialism communism Cuba. In debt up to their eyeballs the government wants to clear some of it up by trading rum instead of cash. The only problem is the guys they owe want money not rum. 

I always thought the people of Newfoundland were a little strange, this just proves it

Surprisingly this didn't happen in Florida. A bullied teen brought some butcher knives to school and after slashing and stabbing a few of his peers the police were called. Upon arrival they did what American police do, they shot the kid. Now the mother is up in arms saying that the cops should have had some other non deadly way of dealing with her armed, slashing, stabbing kid.

Meanwhile in New York after being alerted by a do-gooder the police arrive and bust into a car to rescue a mannequin.  

I read this article and thought three things in rapid succession, wow this is really cool, it will probably take too long to be of any use to me and if it becomes available and I can benefit from it, the cost will be out of reach.  

Looks like the progress of beating plowshares into swords in Europe continues. 

I guess the authorities are managing to slow down the cons from Nigeria to the point where they are turning the con games on themselves

Meanwhile in Thailand there is this gift to bring peace of mind. The one and only ghost repellent machine.  

California Department of Motor Vehicles to Uber "stop using your driverless vehicles this instant!" Uber to California Department of Motor Vehicles, no

Well I have just gotten the look from my wife so I shall be going to turn myself into a human being. That's all for today from up here north of disorder.

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