Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Links Day

Well there ain't much to right about today. It's sunny now but the weathertainers predict the end of the world a good chance of snow this afternoon.  Of course this is because I have to go to the semi big city this afternoon and pick up a little something in the gift line. The grand oracle that is the world wide web has provided the information about where this item can be had. So if the prognostication is right I will have a interesting time this afternoon. 

I'm not that worried, there are good snow tires on the truck. In a worst case I have chains I can always put on the wheels. I also have a tow strap with a come-along. However I seriously don't think that I will have to put these devices to the test.

Anyway enough about me verses the weather, here are a few links for you. 

I took a look at this and along with the growling, gurgling from my stomach I've been reminded it's almost lunch time.

Every time I think our government ain't so bad I see something like this which brings me back to reality. 

So you're stuck in deciding what to get the person who has everything, might I suggest... Relax, just kidding.

What a guy, our incredible Prime Minister goes out, parties and collects kickbacks... for the middle class.

Date line Toronto, Mel Lastman Square where a group of squirrels have run amuck, causing damage to the Christmas lights. This looks like a job for Squirrel Girl

Looks like our Prime Minister "Baby Doc" Trudeau is about to alienate another group of supporters. Mind you I suspect these guys will not storm the castle because... they're chilling...    

I don't know about you but I have never been this hungry

If it saves one life then I think this should be part of police training everywhere. 

All that time in school and the work you put in to get those letters behind your name. To get a job like this, well I'm sure your parents are so proud.

I find it rather ironic that the land that gave America the statue of liberty should resort to this

Next time you are in town and missing your dog and you have a few extra minutes you can always drop in

Good to know that cash is still king  except in Canada.   

I will leave you with this story about the actions of John Wallace. In the den of cronyism here we have an actual man of honour.  

Well that's it from me up here North of Disorder.

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