Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Life in the dog house

Today is the usual same old, same old in my household. We had one of those "who did that?" discussions earlier which tend to gave me a laugh out loud moment. I had asked my wife what time her appointment was in town so she reaches for her cell which, of course, is dead. Then I get "the look" and then she says "I don't know because somebody unplugged my cell and it's dead." 

Now let's take a moment to ponder this. There are just the two of us in this our cozy little nest so my first thought was my wife may not be happy with me or our cat. Then my next thought was to rule out the cat because she doesn't have the manual dexterity to unplug anything. So I figured I must be the guilty one.  

I arrived at this conclusion from a pair of deductions, the first being given "the look." The look is something all males of my species have gotten at one time or another. It's kind of softer, gentler version of Darth Vader's use of the force. Unfortunately for my wife we have been together so long now I am mostly immune.  Next we add to this the slight emphasis on the word "somebody" which can only mean one thing, I was not in her good books. Seeing how her memory, like the memory all women have for the minutiae of life, is perfect and mine is like a steel trap that's all worn and rusted, I must have been the culprit. 

So I did the thing that took years to understand the importance of... I apologized and begged for forgiveness immediately. Honestly I don't remember doing the plug pulling but it must have been me. It really doesn't matter since from the time of this horrendous discovery and now I have been forgiven. 
Here is a cute puppy picture that has absolutely nothing to do with this story.
Later today when she goes out for her appointment I'm going to hitch a ride and get some shopping done. Then, if I remember I will pick her up. Not that I would forget, a long time ago i was picking my wife up at the airport and forgot. When I finally arrived "the look" I received would have made Darth Vader proud.  

That's it from up here North of Disorder.

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