Friday, 9 December 2016

Friday's random thoughts

Once again it looks like Mother Nature picked up her snow gun and pulled the trigger and missed. I guess she failed to allow for windage so the shotgun blast of snow mostly missed us. Where the weathertainers were predicting an end of the world event we only saw a few inches, not even enough to bother warming up the snow thrower. Once again we see the weather prognosticators are too wrong to be believed and too right to be ignored. It always amazes me how, with a straight face, the weathertainers can provide a long range forecasts of a month or more yet can't even accurately predict what will happen overnight.

Well so far the sump pump has been working well. last time I went into the basement all the water was where it was supposed to be not gushing around in a rendition of the Titanic sinking. So I guess that's a good thing.

Later today I have to go into town to pick up a few items then I shall scrape the face and accompany my wife out for an evening with friends. Ha what a surprise that is for you, we actually have friends.

Here's a few links to ponder...

Here for you NHL fans is a list of the ten lies you all tell yourselves about the sport, the teams you root for and yourselves.  

There are some things I have not, do now and never will understand about human nature and this is one of them.

If there ever was a case of the pot calling out the kettle for being black this is it.

If you want to look like an evil master villein and have a few bucks you could always do this.

Someone has finally came out and said what the new carbon tax/cap and trade will do to Canadians.

Having done the biased quiz on voting and giving them a bogus email I now find out my fears of getting spammed were groundless.

On the plus side there is always places to go if things get too bad. Just don't forget to take your sea sic pills.

That's it from up here North of Disorder, West of  Dishonor.

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