Friday, 30 December 2016

Friday, time to catch up on the links day

Well it's Friday a day to get up early and get the house squared away for the ladies. 

I was up around sunrise and much to my surprise, there actually was a sunrise for a change. I have started to get used to a gray overcast with the night morphing into the day. This morning the dawn crashed onto the scene with a few clouds just to make things interesting. 

Pick up done, cat fed and coffee made we retreated to the basement while the ladies swarmed the place. As the were doing their thing upstairs, I was reading my new book downstairs. I am about half way through a novel called Into The guns by William C. Dietz. 

The basic plot is simple, what happens to America after the world is hit with around sixty meteors. Add to the meteors the Chinese think what happened was a nuke strike so they use a few nukes before finding out it's not. To make things more interesting, the southern states decide, under the leadership of several billionaires, to split from the union and, well you get the drift. It's one of those series where there are several plot lines all going at once. 

I got hooked on his writings after reading his Legion of the Damned series. I find his writings to be well grounded even though they are science fiction. He likes to take real battles and political situations mold them into his stories. I wonder what parts of history he will borrow from this time. 

Well enough of the book reviews, here are a few links to have a peek at. 

I read this earlier and it reminded me of my neighbor L who is a vegetarian. Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against vegetarians but I used to have a bit of trouble seeing the difference between them and the vegans. Well now I know the vegetarians are simply looking for a better way to take care of themselves while the vegans are nuts

Serbia, a thorn in the side of European gun control. 

When people think of ships and planes disappearing without a trace they tend to think of the Bermuda Triangle. Well there is another mysterious triangle that swallows up ships and planes, the Great Lakes Triangle. Well it looks like the Great Lakes Triangle has another victim...  

I wonder how many get through for each one caught

This last year was a bad one for celebrities passing away. The candles of too many good talented people were snuffed out. Well at least we have a bright future ahead for this coming year, or do we?  Well the government of Alberta is sure working hard to make sure Albertans will not have a good year ahead. 

One thing that may be coming down the pipe next year is a trade war with the Americans and it looks like ground zero will be Prince Rupert BC

Even though he is on the way out Mr. Obama is still trying to be "big man on campus." He's been doing the un-presidential thing of  making things difficult for the incoming administration. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond Putin has been sitting back and biding his time knowing Obama's days are numbered. Right up to the end of his term Obama has proved he's been a heck of a president.

I will leave you with one last thought, should you see a dump truck with the box up try not to tail gate the guy. Eventually the truck will come to an over pass... with video goodness

That's it for me from up here North of Disorder.


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