Saturday, 31 December 2016

For want of a nail

For the last few hours as the snow has continued to fall I have been trying to figure out why my snow blower isn't blowing snow. It has been a series of little things that has tested my patience. Meh, I know, if I had patience I'd be a doctor. 😁  Anyway I finally managed to figure out what the problem was and now of course it's after sun set and there isn't enough light to work by. I have been trying to correct this issue in a large unheated no lights shed. Anyway. the issue turns out to be the loss of two small bolts that connect the impeller to the driveshaft. This is the rear impeller that shoots the snow up the shoot. 

I would have had this issue corrected a while ago if I hadn't looked at the Toro troubleshooting guide. The guide only explores one thing, the impeller belt. It's Toro guide is kinda like the vets guide to dealing with horse problems. After the description of whatever ails the horse the manual says shoot or in the case of the Toro, if the impeller stops working it's got to be the belt so bring it to the shop. The guide was written for the folks who are incapable of turning a simple screw let alone being able to troubleshoot something. Arrgggg!!! 

So now, as the snow falls, I'm going to have to hold off until daylight and hope that a couple of the bolts I have in the workshop will fit. Failing that I will have to be stuck here until Monday when the stores open and make a visit to the hardware store if I can get my truck out of the driveway. Such a little thing that has the potential to really get nasty. 

Thank you for letting me rant. That's all from up here North of Disorder.

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