Saturday, 24 December 2016


Was up today at the stroke of eight thirty(ish), things to do and all that. After cleaning up my exterior with a shower it was downstairs and breakfast with a cup of the elixir of life, coffee. Today the coffee was desperately needed. My cat got the memo that today was going to be a early to rise and work affair, so of course she did her best to make sure my sleep was all broken up.  
Work, work, work that's all we Elves ever do...

In the space of two hours I've made the house presentable while my wife got the bird in the oven and started the process of filling the house with that good turkey smell. Once I had the interior taken care of it was outside and get the snow blower. Last night we got a few inches of snow. The last thing I want is one of the guests falling and getting hurt. Add to this was taking care of the snow on the steps and this old guy is taking a short break. Once I get my poof back I'm going to do a whirlwind tour of the basement to put the stuff I had to drag out when doing the decorating. Guilty as charged, I'm a guy who thinks in the moment not in the future. Thus the reason i have to do a pick up downstairs.

So begins the bedlam that is Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I hope yours is a merry affair with all the fun and joy that you can handle. I also wish you peace in these troubled days wherever you are. I probably will not be posting tomorrow as I will be recovering from the festivities tonight. 

Merry Christmas from up here North of Disorder.

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