Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The lights are up...

Yesterday was a strange day. I went down to the semi big city to get some stuff, decorations if you must know, and as one might expect the stuff I wanted was not in stock. Mind you there were a few things I did pickup (ice melter, water softener salt, batteries...) so the trip wasn't a total write off. On the way home I kept thinking how every year I do this, I hold off till the sales and sure enough the items I want are long gone. Oh what a maroon I am. Needless to sat I decided not to do battle with the lights.

This morning, for whatever reason I was wide awake at 06:30 hours. By the way for  regular people that's six thirty in the morning and for you folks who work in security... The big hand is at the six and the little hand is between the six and the five.


There I was with the cat on my chest staring into my eyes, purring. I lay there not wanting to disrupt the moment when our cat decides to leave. Fine, I checked the news and weather and when it became light I got up. While it was still quiet I had breakfast and took a look at the news. Once again I was caught up in the moment. All was calm with the world. My wife asleep and I at the personal confuser plotting what I would try to get done and suddenly the phone rang.

It took a few seconds of panic searching and my wife yelling to me about the phone's location from upstairs before I answered it. The caller professed to be from "Microsoft Support." Let us just say that we were a touch rude in our reply. I know the call was not that early (9 am) but still it was annoying. Whoever the caller was I wish upon her the pox.

 This afternoon I set about getting the Christmas lights up and out. That too some doing. While not as ornate as some around here the lights serve a purpose, they keep the elephants away. Think I'm kitting? Tonight when the lights are on go out side and have a little look. I bet you don't see any.

Well that's it from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.  

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