Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Revenge is a dish best served cold

This morning, after a somewhat peaceful night, just as the sun was cresting the horizon our cat decided to put here evil nefarious plan of revenge into action. My wife and I were all cosy, snug and warm under the blankets when H hour arrived and the cat struck. 

Her first move was to jump up and land on my chest causing my eyes to snap open, and I was awake. My counter move was to turn over and she saw that her plan had only been partial successful so it was on to the second phase of the operation. She then resorted to the ever popular tactic of loudly meowing directly into my ear. That combined with the hot exhalation of breath into my ear channel was enough, I was awake. For the next few minutes a battle between the queen (cat) and here not so loyal servant (me) took place. My main objective was to counter the cat's moves in her efforts to jump on top of my wife and wake her up. I figured one of up at least should be able to sleep and if it wasn't me then why not her? In the end, as often happens, our little fur ball won the day and I was up. Cat fed, breakfast on and the day has begin in our household. 

Here are a few links for you...

Not quite a week ago the Russians deployed a carrier group to the Med. The object of the exercise was to project power while conducting air strikes in Syria. Of course the first aircraft has crashed

On this past weekend I was in Montreal where the roads are in horrible shape and always being torn up as part of the never ending construction. Quebecois pay some of the highest taxes in the country. For example gas is usually around fifteen cents a litre higher then in my province. The big joke is everything costs more because of the cut the mob gets. Well for Montrealers  that ain't so much of a joke as the last mayor, who was elected on a platform of cleaning up the city from corruption, goes on trial for corruption.

Meanwhile this rube wants to close off the means for people to hold onto a little more of their hard earned money. He says "there should be a law" to prevent people from hiding money off shore and away from corrupt governments.

Recently the Government of India outlawed the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in an effort to crack down of "black currency" AKA counterfeiting. Even though there is a fifty day window to exchange these bank notes there is a lot of chaos. One of the things that has sprang up the the age old art of barter. On the plus side the barter is cutting out revenue that would have been going to the government in the form of taxes. 

Remember all those math classes you took in school. Remember how you were told how much you would need math in the future and how you should hone your math skills? Well just hold on a minute there...

OK take a second and go into your kitchen and get some tin foil... There, now that you have the tinfoil in your hands make your self a hat and put the hat on... There, now that you have done this you can read this story

I hope driver-less cars come soon enough to stop this guy from going into bankruptcy. 

In a strange way I think this is funny. A group of anti Trump protesters chose to walk their protest through an area of pubs where US Marines were doing a pub crawl. The marines were celebrating the 241st birthday of the core. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the police nobody (democrat protesters) was seriously injured. Meanwhile in another part of the country Trump supporters caused a bit of a ruckus at a veterans day parade. 

I will end this section of links with this little gem. Looks like sooner or later astronomers will find another place for the renaming sane ones on Earth to journey to and start again.

That's all for now from up here North of disorder.

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