Thursday, 17 November 2016

Off to see the wizard

This morning I was up and at 'em early. I had to make the trek down to the semi big city and see my doc, Dr. K. I make this visit every three months or so to go over the blood work from my visit to the mechanized vampires. By the way I don't know about you but whenever somebody smiles and says "this will not hurt a bit," I figure they are lying. Some of the syringe  wielders are actually very good but but there are others who I figured must have learned their trade at one of those torture academies.

But I digress...

I pulled out of the driveway with plenty of time to make the trek. The first stumbling block was some construction on the highway. Of course there was a police presence to slow traffic to a crawl and there I was wondering if I was going to have to make the "sorry I'm in heavy traffic" call. Then there was the arrival and going round and round the lot trying to find a parking spot. I managed to race an old dude to one of the few open spots and get the car parked. When I got out of the car the old dude gave me "the look." I noticed that when I sweetly smiled back at him he turned a rather nice shade of crimson. Meh, if ya want a parking spot then be prepared to work for it. 

Into the Lion's den
Windows XP, seriously?
While I was in Dr. K's office awaiting his arrival I noticed something that I hadn't seen for a long while. I looked over at his computer and there it was, the Windows XP window saver. I didn't think there was any computers in North America that still ran on unsupported XP but here was one. 
The visit with Doc K was the usual going over the numbers and "you should start to work out" stuff. Hey, I'm in shape. After all isn't round a shape?

After I was done with the doc I was off to one of my favorite shopping extravaganzas, Princess Auto. This store is kinda like a kids toy store but without the toys and the stuff is for adults.  Then it was off for home, lunch and afternoon chores.

Here are a few links for you...

While I'm not really a big fan and I never really was, I like this guy for his "I do things my way" style.

I guess the owner of this place should turn down the heat in the restaurant after he goes home. After all, why else would a burglar do his thing in the nude.

Once again I say that those who enter the AI field should be made to watch all the terminator movies before graduation.  

I guess it's a cast of the Quebec city mayor saying "If Montreal can do it then we should be able to as well." I'm just glad that I don't live down stream from this crap.

Sadly I suspect that being in the Clinton household on election night was not a happy place to be. This story also explains why it wasn't until the next day that Mrs. Clinton gave her "I have lost to The Donald" speech.

And talking about bad losers... Guy brags about voting for Trump, ya that's a reason for a murder

Well enough of this for today. That's all folks, from up here North of Disorder.

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