Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mid week musings and links

The sun fought tooth and nail against the dreary overcast sky this morning, in a feeble attempt to bring daybreak to my little part of the world. The result of this little battle between night and day was not the rush of sunlight, but the illumination of a grey shrouded landscape. Last night was a long one as the cat (I shall punish the insolent dogs for leaving me) and human (Oh for God's sake, go the fu*k to sleep cat!) war continued. 
I went to bed at the usual time and was followed by the kitty. I gave the cat some treats and turned in for the night. Then the skirmishes started. Our cat AKA ruler of the world, only likes me sleeping in a certain manner, that being on my left side. Sleeping on my left side is mildly painful so I only do it for short periods.  Several times after thinking my little kitty despot was asleep I'd roll over. This insolent action on my part would wake kitty from her slumber. Then, seeing I was not in the correct position, she would correct this with head butts, nudges and meowing until I returned to the correct position. Finally around one(ish) I must have dozed off. 

The last few days have been a little tiring what with the events in Montreal, the long bouts of driving and not sleeping well. To give you an example, on Monday night I was taking a bath and catching up on some emails, just enjoying a good hot soak. While I was looking at some stuff on the tablet I felt the lightest tickle on my left hand. I must have dozed off for a bit while in the tub for when I looked at the source of the tickle, there was a tiny little spider making a web from my hand to the tub edge. My first thought was: what the hell is a spider doing making a web from my hand to the edge of the tub? This was quickly followed by: how the hell long was I asleep? Ya I gotta get more sleep

Here are a few links for you to take a gander at...

Not that there were more reasons needed to hate drones, here's another one

It's ironic the way First Nations fight every little thing they see as a potential threat to their way of life yet they are surprised when others do the same against a aboriginal practice.

Looks like President Trump has taken a page from the reality show Survivor for setting up his White House. Maybe he could do this with under performers in his cabinet.

Seriously, you think

In the days of carbon tax this and carbon tax that I wonder what the carbon footprint is for these fools. 

This guy has an attitude and skill that I wish most former politicians had. 

There is an old saying... When we do right no one remembers, when we do wrong no one forgets. Well here's something for you to remember... 

I read this and my first thought was, what do they know that the rest of us don't?

My last link for the day talks about Oxford's "word of the year" and how it's so appropriate or the time we live in. 

I bid you a fond farewell from up here, North of Disorder ...

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