Monday, 21 November 2016

Links day...

Not much going on right now. It's nice, warm and cozy inside while outside there are serious winds howling and it's snowing every so lightly. Since I don't have anything on the books for today I'm just going to cocoon here in the warm. 
The end result of the weather prognosticator's
prediction of snow doom this past weekend.
Last night was a crazy windy one with gusts high enough to shake the house. I'm not a fan of the high winds because there is ever the of one of the trees my wife loves so much coming down on the house. let me say here and now for the record being woke up by the sound of a tree coming through the roof would not be my first choice for an alarm clock. 

Now on to the links. I have a few that seem to have accumulated over the past several days. Most are political so be warned.

My lovely wife wants us to visit the UK and I don't want to. She has asked why and my answer is simple, I would rather read the novel 1984 than live it

Nothing like a little fake news to liven up the political scene in the not so United states. At least the person finally admitted to making the story up but still there are those who will believe the big lie.  

It says a lot about a country when they go after one of their biggest enemies and that enemy is just a guy working in Home Depot

Nothing like being supportive of military families who have lost loved ones in combat. The airline did the right thing. As for the first class passengers being considerate, not so much.  

Have you ever wondered what happens when a group of employees who are worth minimum wage try to get more than their worth?  Well wonder no more... 

We must all be carefully circumspect when reading the news lest we fall victim to the big lie

Well that's about all I got for now from up here North of disorder and West of Dishonor. *

* I have added West of Dishonor to my closing tagline because I feel strongly that those in Ottawa are dishonorable in their quest to impose further restrictions on Canadians freedom.

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