Friday, 4 November 2016

Just another day in cottage country.

At the same time the sun crested the horizon I crawled out from under a nice warm comforter to greet the new day. The process of coming awake and greeting the day started with a bit of a jolt when my tired old frame came into contact with the still cold, but warming, water of the shower. The scream from the shock almost escaped from my mouth but out of consideration for my still sleeping wife I kept things under control. 

Once dressed and downstairs, as my wife slept on I did a pick up of the various bits of paraphernalia around the living/dining rooms and the kitchen. Then it was feed the cat and get coffee on as my wife, who had awoke went through her morning rituals. 

On today's agenda it a trip out to the range. I thought about it as I lay in bed last night, I pay for the use of the club and never really go so it's time to start getting use out of the place. So later today it's off to blow off a little steam. 

Now that a little time has passed I am coming to terms with my brothers passing. In the near future we will be doing a road trip to Montreal for a memorial service. I still feel a little bit like a heel but I'm coming to terms with that as well. Life moves on I guess. 

Here are a few links for you...

It is amazing how the intelligentsia who make up the facilitates of universities can take hard earned money and throw it away, all in the name of science of course.

When I looked at this all I could think of the the issue of chafing. After all if you are going to do the big nasty with Mother earth herself there's bound to be friction.

It has come to light that reporters in the third world country known as Quebec have been spied on by the Quebec Provincial Police. Well not to be out done, the folks at CSIS have had their knuckles rapped by a judge for industrial meta data mining of all Canadians and trying to keep the data. I guess they wanted the data for future blackmail use.

Like being able to walk and chew gum there are those who cannot do drive through and eat. I guess how to eat and drive was never covered in law school

Meanwhile a deaf woman could not make herself understood at a Taco Bell drive through. If you add the fact she communicates by sign and the Taco Bell gang communicate by voice, the result is a lawsuit.  

Mom and dad want answers! Their son, who they admit was a bad guy, tried to commit an armed robbery of a Pizza Hut and was shot and killed by one of the employees. Now Mom and Dad are demanding answers about why their bad guy son was shot. At a guess, I would say he was shot  because he was committing an armed robbery.

And now for my last link all I will say is you have been warned.

Well I have guns to clean and places to go so until the morrow that be it from up here North of Disorder. 

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