Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fall back... thud

It was nice to sleep in this morning without sleeping in. I know that sounds like an introduction to a Twilight Zone episode but in reality it was because of "falling back" to Eastern Standard Time. 

Back in the day when I was still doing shift I used to hate working night shift for the fall time change. Bad enough having to do a twelve hour shift but add to this an extra hour that you are not getting paid for and it's a bitch. The logic of not being paid was that you would make up the extra hour in the spring. The reality of the time change was the extra hour always went to the opposite shift. So the bosses came up with a plan to deal with this, they would give people an hour off under the table over the next few weeks. This under the table arrangement worked reasonable well until a few years ago one of the new guys put in for overtime. So the boss said OK and the last two times I worked the fall time change I got an extra hour pay at time and a half. The funny thing about this was the new guy ended up going to the shift that looses money every year. You know what "they" say... no good deed ever goes unpunished.

This afternoon I'm going over the our friend S's place to do some minor fiddling with her pool cover which shouldn't take that long. Then I'm thinking maybe a walk at scout valley and home for dinner. The weather today is fine and I figure soon enough it will turn nasty so I might as well get out while I can.

Well here are a few Sunday links for you. 

Our Liberal masters in Ottawa are steadily moving forward with their plan to destroy the lives in Alberta of thousands. I know that sounds a little tinfoil hat-ish but what other conclusion can one come to when there are headlines like this?  I may be wrong (as I am more often than not) but this looks like an opening move to ban tankers from the west coast. No tankers to take oil to market means no revenue for oil producers.

Government steps in and penalizes foreign home buyers so home sales drop by 39% in Vancouver. Meanwhile there is a push on to bring in foreign investors. Is it just me or is this an attempt to suck and blow at the same time?

Last night while at the computer looking around I found this little gem. It's a paper from Hugh D Segal CM who was once in government as a senator. The discussion paper is about a Basic Income. Think about that for a moment... Sit at home do nothing and be paid for it. One thing people tend to forget or ignore is government at all levels has no money. Government had only three ways of generating income. They levy a tax (income/sales etc.), they sell services (admission fees to national parks/museums etc.) or they borrow (bonds.T-bills etc.) that will someday have to be repaid. The paper makes some very good points with one exception, nowhere does it detail the logistics of how this will be paid for.

I don't know these people. I don't know which one of them thought this up. All I do know is I LIKE IT

Well that's about all on this sunny Sunday from up here North of Disorder.

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