Monday, 14 November 2016

Cue the traveling music

Well I am safely ensconced back at home, the weekend's emotional roller coaster ride done with. 

Passing by the Big Apple
We hauled our butts out of our humble abode just a little after noon on Friday. With a quick pit stop for fuel of the vehicle kind we were on our way. From our place we had to go east. We even went further east than the Big Apple, and that's a long way east. 

 Upon arrival at da Bro's place we debussed and went inside. The evening started with a little bit of wine from them and a little bit of whine from me regarding the traffic. Like the accommodations the wine was excellent. To say the least, these guys know their way around a carboy.  Once dinner was done we sat around for a while and shot the breeze After a bit, we went over the logistics of what was coming on Sunday. Here's a little lesson for you kids. It's amateurs who talk strategy and tactics, it's professionals who talk logistics. Once we had everything sorted out it was time for bed. 

Proof I can be up and at 'em before the sun is
Sunday found us up and 'em way before the sun chose to grace the day. Breakfast done, good clothes on, ties tied and checked we were off. On the trip in I wasn't feeling that hot with butterflies fluttering around in my guts. In the end I needn't have worried, it all turned out fine. My big bro had been cremated and this was a wake among friends and family. While it was a sad occasion and I will admit tears were had, it was a good day. Seeing my other brothers after such a long time was nice with some joking, teasing and laughter. It was like we had not missed a day when in reality years had passed. 

Seeing the nieces and nephews was also good with tears and laughter all mixed in. I just have to say these "kids" (my nieces and nephews) have turned out real well. Having worked with people from their generation who didn't have it together like these guys do, makes for a warm feeling and gives me hope for humanity. So I guess in the end my brothers didn't do to badly after all. When the ceremony was done there was a little reception which ended all to soon and it was time to hit the road. 

Once back at the Bro's place we had supper and more wine. It had been a long day so I turned in early for the comfort of big soft sheets and a soft mattress. Morning came all to soon and after the usual standard great breakfast and some chit chat, we got packed and bid our hosts a fond farewell. 

On the way home we got lucky, all weekend the wind was from the west so going down we had a tail wind that saved us fuel. I figured we would pay for it on the way back but the wind had died down to nothing. I would like to think this was the spirit of my big brother Lester looking out for me the way he did when I was a kid by calming the wind down.

Well I'm home now. After an initial "I'll teach you to leave by ignoring you" gesture by our cat everything settled back to state "N" for normal. As for me this finishes today's post from up here North of Disorder.


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