Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Big wheel keep on turning

Watching the tire guys at work
Today I was up early as in "oh my God it's not even light out" early. This was a failure on my part. Having forgotten what it's like to get up before sunrise, I booked the appointment for eight thirty. I was off to the semi big city this bright and beautiful morning to get tires for my wife's SUV. I got into the car and flashed it up then remembered the old tires were stored. So there I was at seven thirty in the ante meridiem, stumbling around in the dark loading the SUV. On the plus side this was better than remembering the old tires while driving to the tire shop on the highway. 

The tire shop was located in a industrial setting where, when I'm getting work on the SUV done, I feel the most comfortable. I'm not really a "go to the big box store and get tires kinda guy" and the gang where I was this morning know their way around a lug wrench. It also doesn't hurt to know the owners who are a pair of wonderful people. The whole process took around fifteen minutes and I was off to visit my pharmacy to pick up some more stuff.

I found on the highway the new winter tires are a little louder than the old winter tires but they handle better. I guess the noise is because the tread pattern is a little more aggressive than the pattern on the old tires was. One other nice thing was the new tires don't have the same vibration issues the old ones did. The old tires were from the dealer and were "a deal." Once again I am reminded that you get what you pay for.

Now the only thing left to do is put the summer tires into storage then all the winter preps are done. Or as done as one can be until one remembers, or is reminded of, something that he forgot.

Here are some links for you to peruse. 

NCIS is one of the TV series that I try to watch every week. I like the actors, plots and the setting for this show. In real life the NCIS folks keep a low profile so when I see them in the news I figure what took place will appear as an episode in the near future. 

Looks like the Liberal government is seriously going to try and spend it's way out of recession. I don't know what it is but when people get elected and take ministerial roles they tend to leave their brains at the door. They are trying the kick start the economy with a cash infusion via infrastructure spending. This is like using an Automated External Defibrillator on a heart attack victim, getting the heart started then walking away and letting the victim heal himself.

I saw this little poll on the Clinton/Trump train wreak and thought that we are certainly living the interesting times curse.

Over the years I have looked at becoming more under the radar in my dealing with various institutions. What brought this on was being sick of all the junk mail, spam and telephone solicitations. I guess there are those who feel the need to go under the radar on steroids.

Are you tired but can't fall asleep? Well have I got a website for you... 

Like when there is a time to joke and a time not to joke there is a time to and times not to fart. FYI during surgery it is not a time to fart

Sadly some people simply don't like bring your kids to work day

Well I have to get going and put the newly removed from the SUV, summer tires away so that's all from up here North of Disorder


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