Thursday, 24 November 2016

All out of poof

See this is what happens when a guy can't exercise. I wonder if any of you have ever heard the term  "causal chain of events?" That's when something happens which causes something else to happen and so on until a point is reached where it's serious.  Well I'm in one of those causal chains right now.  

It all started last March, I went to the doc and reported a pain and was sent to have an ultra sound done to see what the problem was. time passes. I got an ultra sound and was told I needed to see a specialist. Time passes. I saw the specialist who wasn't happy with the ultrasound so I was sent for a CT scan. Time passes. CT scan done I went back to the Specialist who informed me of the results and refuses to take any action. Time passes. I found out specialist wass a quack and asked for second opinion. Time passes. Saw a new specialist who said yes to taking care of problem and puts me on list for a procedure and we are at the present time. 

The issue with this chain of events is that during the time it has taken to get to the present, I haven't been working out. Every time I have tried to workout it has ended in a world of pain to the point of having to take pain killers. Now I have fallen into the habit of being a couch potato to avoid the pain by not working out, this is a problem. 

Last night we received a small amount of snow. The total was around and inch and a little bit. So being the proactive guy I am, I went out and cleared off the steps and a bit of the walkway leading to the drive way. After around five minutes of shoveling (more like pushing really) I was done, done moving the snow and done as in all out of breath. 

To say the least I'm not a very happy camper right now. If we were to get a major dump of snow  and I had to deal with it, using the shovel would be out of the question and using the snow blower would be a serious undertaking. Why? because I'm so damned out of shape it's stupid. While I was outside moving snow around and panting for breath I remembered one of the guys I knew when I was still working. He was a little younger than me. I say was because last winter after a heavy snow dump he went out with a shovel and didn't come back. The cause of death was a heart attack. 

He was way too young for this type of death and as for me, that's not the way I want to go. I have always said that when my end comes, I want to be in my nineties and asleep not working my ass off  moving white stuff. 

And we now turn the rant mode off and return to our regular programming up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor. 

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