Monday, 28 November 2016

Adventures in trash removal...

Last night I was hit in the side of the head with an idea, take the trash out now and not have to set the alarm. It seemed like a good idea but as we all know, no plan ever survived contact with the mice enemy.

I took my time gathering my gear. Extra trash bag, coat on, shoes on and I was ready. I grabbed the bag from the trash bin in the kitchen along with the two recycle bins and took them outside. Upon exiting the warm lit confines of my home, I was instantly swallowed up by the dark of the night. Lights, ya. I opened the backdoor, reached inside and flipped on the switch... presto I could see.

I went over to the storage locker I had built a couple of years ago for the trash and opened it. Next I dragged out the partially full trash can and popped off the lid. There he was, the mouse. The mouse at first glance was a Kodiak looking fellow who appeared around ten feet tall. Then reality sank in and there we were. I, a foot away from the trash can and the tiny mouse standing on the rim of the trash can. The mouse stood frozen, looking at me while I stood, frozen looking at the mouse. The only thought that came to mind was if this little thing was strong enough to lift that lid to get inside I could be in trouble.

Suddenly the mouse made it's move. With three hundred and sixty degrees to chose from, of course the little rodent had to pick the one degree of travel that would cause me the most grief. The little rodent dove into the sanctuary of the trash bag. I took a second to wrap my pea sized brain around what had just happened and, with a sigh, I returned to the house to pick up my work gloves. I figured if I was going to go hand to hand, claw, whatever, I was not going to risk getting bit or scratched.

Gloves on I returned to the trash and started to pick the smaller bags out of the larger one. Suddenly there it was making a mad dash for freedom. See ya later pal I thought and continued with putting the small trash bags into the larger one. Suddenly another mouse bolted from the bag, stopped for a second and gave me the mouse version of “the look” then made a hasty egress over the side. Damn that was a close call, I really don't mind field mice, I just don't want them in my house, car, attic etc. but I also don't want these little guys to go to the dump all squashed.

I then muled the stuff to the curb. After putting everything in order so the trash guys would pick it up I stopped for a second to take in the night. All was calm with a little over cast and a slight breeze. I was a classic late fall night. Looking around I noticed that neighbour L had her Christmas lights out. 

A few years ago when they first moved in and we got to know them the first Christmas with them across the street was... different. My place could me seen from orbit while their home was a perfect example of simple understated elegance. So I thought to my self “self, why the heck are you putting all them lights out and having the hydro meter spin like a top?” I cut back on the lights, using way less than I did for the last few years. It was easier to get the lights up and a little less I had to shell out for hydro. 

Which brings us up to last night. L and her husband T have decorated a huge time square sized evergreen in their front yard with all sorts of lights. Dang. After this gets put to bed for the day I'm going to have to go out and do the Griswold Christmas thing. I shall be working way up there on a high ladder, pray for me.

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