Sunday, 16 October 2016

What a difference 24 hours makes

I was up this morning to be greeted with an overcast sky and rain with the occasional crack of thunder tossed into the mix for fun. Sometime last night I was jarred awake by a peel of thunder that sounded like it was in the next room. I listened to the cracks of thunder for a few minutes then safely returned to the land of Nod. 

One thing I remember from my days as a waif still living at home, my Dad explaining what thunder and lightning was. He told me that it was just God and the angels enjoying a game of bowling. Well I was too young to say it then but I will now. I understand that he created everything and all, but to play a game of bowling at oh-dark-thirty and disturb a lot of folks like me is very inconsiderate. 

Now contrast all this to yesterday. It was a  mild day that was bright and sunny. The kind of day a guy just hates to wast so I took off for a few hours to my new favourite place Scout Valley. 

When I got to the parking lot I found that the idea of going for a walk wasn't mine alone. As the down homers say "There were thousands and thousands of cars in the lot, yep maybe twelve in all." After getting the car parked and my stuff sorted out I was off.

While on the trails I kept running into families out with their kids. About half of the people I met had dogs with them. At one point I ran into a friend and his mutt. His "mutt" is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Scout. This little lady weighs in around a hundred pounds or so and just loves people. I swear if you had one of these you could put a saddle on it and go for a ride. As for my friend B like me he's retired and liking it with similar gripes and such. Well after a few minutes we parted ways and I was off exploring. 

A short time later I came upon a family with their two dogs out for a walk. The reason I mention this encounter was how one of the dogs struck me as funny. There he was a little bull dog all foaming at the mouth ready to do battle to protect the family it just made me smile. While I don't own a dog or want one because of the up keep I like most dogs. Here was a little fellow clearly 6 or maybe 7 pounds soaking wet ready to do battle to protect his charges. A companion like that, you just have to respect. 

Sooner than I wanted to, because the washrooms were locked, I had to hightail it for home. In case you were wondering, I made it home in the nick of time.

Looking out the window at the rain and the grey sky has reminded me that it is fall. We will not see the sun until Wednesday as per the weathertainers. So until then I'm going to have to be content on staying warm and dry at home. 

That's it from up here North of Disorder.  


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