Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What a difference 24 hours make

Taken yesterday during a "sunny" period.
Taken this morning.
What a difference 24 hrs
Hello and welcome to today's blog entry. Unlike the last few days today started with actual sunny blue skies making the fall colours of the leaves spectacular. After this blog is put out there I'm planning on heading out to the range to bust some caps. With the way the weather had been it's just too lovely a day to sit at the personal confuser.  So for your entertainment here are a few links. 

Being someone who likes classic designs I looked at this and my first thought was ... count me out. These designs do nothing for me.

Earlier I was reading this story about the Clinton emails and why there isn't a greater outcry. While it is a good article there is one thing missing, the fact that the media are in her corner

Looks like somebody in the Customer Service department was having a bad day

While I agree this is a threat, I'm not sure that right now the threat is as big as this person wants it to be. 

I may not agree with it but I do understand the need for emotional support animals. I have a cat that I sometimes lean on and I'm sure there are dogs that fill this role as well. But a duck on an airplane?

Remember those old WW2 movies where the sonar guy looks at an officer and says "Sir, I think we have a sonar contact." Well this ain't no movie and it looks like the contact is real.

Aside from the inevitable day when a voice from a speaker says something about humanity being the disease, I think this is a good thing.  

Looks like Singapore is on the right track about public transit with these tests. The folks in the Philippines, specifically the police, should take note about these driver-less transports.  

After all these years somebody in a religious position in Malaysia noticed an issue with the name Hot Dog so now the name has to be changed. 

Well that's about all I have for the wonderful day with one exception. Back when I was still working one of the things I used to enjoy on Sundays was listening to The Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. I had not listened to the show since I retired because of the time it was on, so I didn't know that July 2nd was his last show. While he has passed the reins on to a younger chap, I'm sure he will be greatly missed. 

From up here North of Disorder I bid you good day.

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