Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Up at the crack of dawn...

The house is back to normal now with the leaving of out guest. Yesterday we had a sleep over guest in the form of my Sister-in-law. Having her stay over is nice because there really is no downside. First there is the fact she is family, added to this, she is a friend and to top off the cake, as a person she is generally a nice, kind human being.  

That was the only down side to her visit, I had to roust her this morning at a quarter after eight. I was up, showered, her rousted, had the java going and the cat fed by eight thirty. I had almost forgot how early that was. Even the sun wasn't totally up and beaming when my alarm went off. 

Looking at today's weather prognostication from the weathertainers I see it will be not so bad with plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow is another story... There is a very good chance of snow. Yes I just wrote the dreaded "S" word. So in the very near future I will mule up the interior storm windows and put them on plus get the screens put away. On the agenda for this lovely cold day is a call to order tires for my wife's truck and a buzz around the yard to get rid of more leaves. My wife on the other hand says I should blow off some steam at the range so we shall see how much I can get done.

Here are a few links for you...

Not to be out done by the insects and the animals in Oz which get all the press, amusement parks get in of the action too.

All right let's not all rush up the the counter at the same time. If you want a last kick at the can please line up.

I don't know about you but after reading this article about canoes I will never look at them the same way again. As a mater of face I may just have to go out and buy one. 

Years ago I got into several heated discussions about how useless facial recognition was with my old boss. Looks like I've been finally vindicated.

Nothing like a guy trying to get elected by illustrating a problem that has to be fixed right now except that it isn't a problem.

Here is a little story that can filed away under C... for cool.

Well I see by the clock that time is slipping away and I have things to get done so  that's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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