Saturday, 8 October 2016

Up and out early

This morning was one where I almost managed to greet the dawn because I was up with the chirping of the birds. I know you know have a hand to your mouth in an effort to stifle a gasp. But it's true, I was up an at 'em early. 

I had committed to helping friend S with getting rid of a pile of junk at the side of here house. While she hadn't said as much I had the feeling that here neighbours were planning on a "storm Frankenstein's castle" event in the near future to get her to get rid of the pile of junk. The "do it early" part was because it's a long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) and this is when a lot of folks get rid of stuff from their cottages. 

I was over at S's place for a little after nine and we had the trailer loaded and secured in twenty minutes flat. After making sure the load was secure we set forth to deliver our our stuff. That's one of the trailer things I am very finicky about, the secure the load part. Just the other day a chair came off a trailer on the highway and the guy behind swerved. Presto there was a multi vehicle pile up and a major clean up involving a tractor trailer, dump truck with the obligatory load of gravel plus a few more vehicles. 

We pulled into the dump at a little bit after ten and much to my surprise there was nobody there. I had visions of the way it went the last time I did a dump run on a weekend. Just to get to the weigh station from the road took almost an hour. Today we simply went in I told the lady what we had, dropped it off and and paid. Then a second run in was made to drop off the free stuff, cardboard, wood and metal, and finally we were outbound for home. All the while I kept thinking the other shoe should drop at any time. Lucky for me the shoes staid right where they were supposed to be.

I managed to arrive back home once again, thankful I had somehow was able to cheat the jaws of death on the highway.  This afternoon I'm going to mow the lawn if it dries out enough. For now however I'm just going to sit here at the personal confuser, get this blog done and relax. 

Here friends and neighbours are a few links for you. Be warned some are political. 

One of the worst things about governments is how the individuals in power take money from one group (producers) and bestow it on another group (moochers). Because the government officials are spending somebody else's money they really don't care about how it's used. Here is a case in point where tax dollars are being used to give tax breaks to TV talk shows

The train wreak that is the not so United State presidential election continues. Mr. Trump is being tried again in the court of public opinion over the latest release of some very nasty comments made several years ago. Is he going to quit? No, he says he's in it for the long haul. The comments were so offencive even the guy on the receiving end is being savaged in the media

I read this story about a police office who was badly beaten and refused to pull her service issue firearm even though she said she thought she was going to die. When asked she said she didn't want her family to go through all the media circus other cops have for shooting a black person. I just don't know... People just don't attack others without some sort of provocation. I suspect the assailant was pumped over having just been in an accident. However there are deescalation techniques that will stop these types of behaviours before it begins. Having worked in security and being unarmed I have experience with everything up to and including having a gun pulled on me. I know deescalation works because I'm still here and writing a blog.    

Meanwhile across the pond Russia continues to flex it's muscles.

One of these days this will get out of hand. I'm surprised nobody has gotten hurt doing this stupid stunt especially in the not so United States where some people carry guns. As for me I like to go out for walks. While I don't carry a gun I do have a 45 inch long ash hiking staff that can be used against a perceived attacker.  

Well that's all I got for now. From up here North of Disorder bye for now. 

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