Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Time to turn that frown upside down

I wasn't a hap, hap, happy guy this morning. My day started a little after ten. Sleep was very elusive last night and I'm the quintessential ugly Canadian when I'm tired. The last time I checked the clock last night before I dozed off, it  was way after four.

After some coffee (the elixir of life)  and breakfast I turned myself into a human being and started to get some work done in the basement. I have a nice large storage area which, being the guy I am, is always in a state of "Oh my God, did a bomb go off in here?" Today I figured it would be a good thing to get it cleaned up a bit because the furnace guy will be out tomorrow and the last thing I wanted was to be doing a hurried pick up down there prior to his arrival.

I am planning on heading into town in a short while and picking up a lotto ticket, check my last ticket and stop by the health food store. I want to pick the brains (I know, slim pickings but you take what ya can) of the guy at the store about a certain supplement that is supposed to be good for the kidneys. Oh well we shall see what we see.

Well enough of me here are a few links for you.

I like to think of myself as being in shape. Remember that round, after all, is a shape. I have often wondered why I have such a hard time with being a blimp while others don't. Well it looks like we have an answer.

It appears the driverless vehicle revolution is going to claim more victims than was originally thought. Add auto insurance folks to the unemployed list of truckers, cab drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, traffic cops.etc...

Have you noticed an increase in air turbulence when flying? Well it could be the result of (spins the wheel) climate change.

Here at least is a potential catastrophe that can't be pinned on that climate change catch all. All kidding aside, things are looking good for a serious quake on the west coast.

Why? Because... Florida.

It's all fun and games until the fire department has to come and get your sorry stuck ass out of the shopping cart

In other news the HSV-2 Swift, an ex-U.S. Navy high-speed logistics catamaran being utilized by the UAE government was blown up with an anti ship missile fired by insurgents. Only one question remains to be answered, who knew the UAE had a navy?

When I read things like this I can't help but wonder what these guys know and expect to happen in the near future that we don't know.

From my out post up here North of Disorder, that's all from me.

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