Monday, 17 October 2016

That was a close one...

Oh dear, I almost forgot to do a blog today since everything is so quiet around here. Today being Monday it's the ever popular trash day. Being the ever proactive (not) guy I am, I even managed to get the trash out. Just to change everything around I didn't put the stuff on the curb this morning, it went out (with a little help from me) last night.

One of the cool things that city dwellers will never know is the quiet out here. When I took the trash to the curb I stood there for a moment and simply looked around. The rain had stopped and the sky had cleared, the wind had died off and it had turned into a really nice evening. 

Even though I live in the middle of nowhere with farms all around I'm in a little subdivision of around a dozen homes. Unlike the rest of the area we actually have a few streetlights. Looking at the way the light shown through the trees out front I couldn't help but take a picture. 

A little earlier today I was out getting the trash can and other paraphernalia in. When I was in the back of the house I noticed the trees in our yard were changing. While a majority look a little washed out there are two that look cool. One is a subdued red and the other a soft orange. Sadly the clouds have returned so the photos look a little faded but you get the picture (pun intended) I hope.

I figure in a couple of weeks the leaves will all be down. When that happens the final preps for winter will get done. I will go over the lawn with the lawn tractor twice at the highest setting and cut the grass and blow the leaves off to the edge. Once that is taken care of it will be time to take the blades off and sharpen them then do an oil change and put that puppy to bed for the winter. Next will be the servicing of the snow thrower with a change of the oil, fresh gas and a lube of everything that can be lubed. Winter is coming...


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