Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday agenda

This morning I fought my way back to the land of consciousness a little after nine, then it was up and get ready to face the world. Dressed and looking semi human I stumbled to the kitchen where once the cat was dealt with food wise, I put on a pot of java. Sitting down in the comfy chair as I sipped my coffee and munched on breakfast I tarted contemplating the days ahead. That was when the bold of lightning struck my thick noggin and it hit me, I need an agenda.

Right now the sky is grey and the leaves are changing to a washed out brown from their golden orange and red colours. Every time there is the slightest hint of a breeze they fall like big dirty flakes of snow. Fall is progressing down that slippery slope to winter and I have things to get done.

Though the individual tasks which need to be done over the next two weeks are simple, there are enough of them that I can space them out one a day. The down side to all this is the need for some organization so I don't end up like a team of horses pulling a wagon in several directions at once. Once this blog is put to bed for the day I will start planning my course of attack on the tasks at hand.

Without further adieu here are some links to look at. 

On several occasions my wife and I have received calls from people claiming to be working for the Canada Revenue Agency. When I was getting the calls I would keep the caller on the phone and play with him for a while. I even called them back to chuck the brown stuff at them Well sadly those days may be coming to an end since the police in India have caught up with them.   

Speaking of scams... During the time that Stephen Harper was Prime Minister he initiated a program when First nations Band Counsels would submit financial filings of where the money they were given went to. Things like this came to light. There was a major cry against the practice by First Nations so under Justin Trudeau the practice stopped and now we see this.

Here it is Halloween night. Kids walk up to the house and one of them presses the door bell. The homeowner opens the door to a chorus of "Trick or treat" only to answer the children by asking for proof of age.  

And then there were none...

What a difference, in other countries people who are angry with the political leaders tend to use firearms. Up here North of Disorder, not so much.

Speaking of North of Disorder that's all I got from up here on this cold overcast fall day.  Things to do, places to go.


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