Thursday, 27 October 2016

Road Trip!

Yesterday I found out that my big bro is being a royal pain in the butt to the staff in hospital so I'm off for a visit to Montreal. I was going to get the crap load of little things done but that will have to hold off until my return. Just to make things a little more interesting it snowed last night for real. The amount on the ground is just a very light dusting but it should make the drive a little more interesting.

Right now my wife is off on an appointment so while she is away I'm going to get cleaned up, dressed and packed. I will beginning the grand trek a little after lunch. The trek will take around four hours if the roads are good and the traffic light. With the way my luck has been these past few months your guess as to how long it will take is as good as mine.

The trip should be interesting, there are some who I am looking forward to seeing and others, well... not so much. Then there is the fact of entering bandit country as I like to think of Quebec. This is a province where the police play by their own set of rules, just like any other third world country. Oh well, as my old boss used to say "we shall over come. 

While I will try for a post tomorrow, needless to say things are fluid so it may or may not happen. That's all from up here North of Disorder.

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