Saturday, 1 October 2016

Oh pool boy...

I just returned from a friend's place. It's that time of year where my friend S starts to get things ready for winter and some stuff she simply can't do alone. Today's big job was the start of the closing of the pool. I say start because all we did was to install anchors around the pool and put the brand new pool cover in place. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well one thing to take into account is a lack of experience on her and my part. For example when I arrived I watched her in action with this big hammer drill. She looked to be doing a great job too except for one small thing. I asked here why she was using a drill with the bit turning counter clockwise. Her reply was "That's the way they gave it to me at the rental." Needless to say I took over the drilling duties. 

Then came the unfolding and deployment of the cover. When you look a the circus involved in getting the old cover (with the half ton of sopping wet leaves) off the pool last spring, the new fangled apparatus was a quantum leap forward. While I have no desire to test it, the manufacture says in their paperwork that a person could walk across the cover when deployed properly. This will drastically cut down on the amount of crud that will end up in the pool. 

When the cover was on it was time to tension the numerous lines from the cover. They even supply a neat little tool for doing this. It was a simple metal pipe with a notch in one end and a plastic bicycle grip on the other.  Without that pipe thing our job would have been one heck of a lot harder. We were able to put tension on all the lines in nothing flat. After which came the adjustment of the lines. While that was tedious it still beat hell out of the old rig. 

So now that I'm done for the day I have a revisit to look forward to in the near future and S's place. When we are done the pool will be put to bed for the duration until next May. 

Here are a few links for you. 

Having spent the better part of my life in the security field and seen the security theater that goes on, it's nice to see a group who understand the way security should work. Amtrak I salute you...

Here is a thing that separates star trek fans from the mundanes, how you feel about The Donald. 

Oh what to do, what to do... Now that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is gone the CLAMs* don't have a clue about what to do to stay relevant

Meanwhile the Pakistani Indian relationship continues to sour. If it were not for the amount of atomic devices each side has this would be a nothing situation. I wish these guys would learn how to play nice. 

On the west coast of the not so United States it is starting to look like some areas are going to be prime candidates for urban renewal in the not to distant future.  

Well that's it from me up here North of Disorder. Got to run, bye-for now.

* CLAM Canadian Left Academia and Medis

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