Sunday, 30 October 2016

Links day

It's an overcast damp and dreary day out there. Some would say as cold as a witch's heart. Today on the agenda is taking down the exterior screens and installing the interior storm windows. I suspect this is going to be the only uplifting thing that is going to happen around here for a while because my mood is about as bleak as the weather is out side. 

Enough about my whining, here are a few links. Some are political while some, not so much.

A little baby step has been taken to get Canada out from under America's thumb trade wise. After the last second hiccup from Belgium’s small Wallonia region was dealt with the CETA deal has been signed. It's a good start however now things like Energy East have to happen to make Canada more self reliant.

They didn't take a majority or even a minority for that matter but ten seats in government is a heck of an accomplishment for the Pirate Party of Iceland, so drink up me hearties, Yo Ho!

Meanwhile in the American presidential election at least one contender has the right idea, shrink government. 

 I'm sure the police had pain killers for the poor guy who, after failing in a home invasion, tried to get away. He quickly entered into woods where he ran into a tree and knocked himself out.

Our immigration minister wants to raise the amount of people that are let into the country. Personally I think this is a good thing and I only have two little things to say about it. First our newcomers need to be given a hand up, not a hand out. And second, the newcomers need to be assimilated into Canadian society. Seeing what's happened with refugees in other places, I feel that immigration without assimilation is a form of invasion, nothing more, nothing less. 

Get a guard dog for the junkyard, nope. it's time to go big or go home...

Here's a politician who has a serious problem with his detractors. It's OK, the protection detail found the hidden sniper rifle, ammo and the RPG. Even more interesting about this is it wasn't an American story.

Well that about wraps it up from up here North of Disorder.

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