Friday, 21 October 2016

Links day

It's Friday and here I sit in the cellar as the ladies toil away up stairs. Last night sleep was elusive due to that old regular pain in the side. I think sleep would have been better if I had been on a spit and continually tuned. If I lay on my left side the cat's happy but I hurt. I flip over to the right side and the cat is pissed and starts to walk on me and my wife., Compromise and lay on my back, there's breathing issues aka snoring with the obligatory elbow to the ribs. 

OK whining mode is off. 

Today my wife is hitting the road with a neighbour to spook and gack so I will be on my own for a few hours. Ah what mischief... 'er good shall I do this day? The outside options are limited, it'd overcast with rain and I'm not a big get out of the house and get soaked kinda guy. It's OK I'm a big boy we shall over come and figure it out. 

Here are a few links for you to look at and, I hope, enjoy. 

Working between the two most likely causes for this being incompetence or Machiavellian duplicity, I'm just going to go with incompetence.

First it was driverless cars that are going to put taxi drivers out of work. Then it's was AI's like Watson doing the job of doctors. Now it's the sex workers who should be looking over their shoulders.  

Recently there have been a flood of sensitive data thrown onto the web for anyone to look at.  Now here for you is the who and how of this big hack. 

I never knew that being a swim wear model could be so dangerous

Looking at the rest of the links that I have gathered up I see they are all political, and right now I am tired of political. Thus ends today's post not with a bang but with a whimper. So until the morrow bye-bye from here, North of Disorder.

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