Saturday, 15 October 2016

Links day

I've been up and at 'em since around 9 this morning. May batteries have been recharged with coffee and I am ready to rock and or roll. After this I'm outbound to places unknown. It is simply too nice a day to let go and do nothing . Winter will be here with it's cocooning aspect soon enough so these sunny days should not be wasted.

Here are a few links for you. 

Looking down south at the train wreak presidential election at least one pundit thinks this is normal while a host of others are doing the TEOTWAWKT thing. 

Well at least one guy has come forward to say hold on a sec about Mr. Trumps grab fest on an airliner decades ago. And another pundit (female) talks about her experiences from back in the day when Mr. Trump was all hands with women. By the way if you think Mr. Trump was bad look at what this boss does every day

Looking across the pond at what the Russians are doing and it don't look so good. Since I care about my readers where ever you are here is a little public service announcement. Should things go south here are some pointers about what to do

Remember that saying "No good deed will ever go unpunished", well it's true. 

Why do I get the feeling this new company producing these will eventually be called Skynet? 

I saw this earlier after having breakfast and though no thanks, not for me. I probably thought that just because I wasn't hungry enough.

Enough for now, it's time to get out there and enjoy the nice fall weather while I can. From up here North of Disorder I bid you farewell until the morrow.

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