Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Knocking off more to-do items from the list

As opposed to the last few days which were crappy today started with a bright blue sky. When I got up, I wasn't in the mood to appreciate the beauty of the day. Last night I slept poorly, tossing and turning with my mind racing. Two things were fighting for mental dominance last night. 

Yesterday I found out that one of my brothers is in the hospital. His condition isn't too serious but still there is the guilt factor. I haven't seen the guy in a long time and I was suddenly hit with the fact that we are all getting older. In a few weeks I'm planning on remedying that with a road trip. 

The second thing that was playing on my mind was the snow blower. When I brought it from the summer storage to up front where it will be kept and used, the damn thing would start fine but die within a few seconds. The thought of taking it to a shop and for them to look at it then tell me it was a silly little thing, was just annoying. I tried to get it running again today and it still would only run for a few seconds then die. So I returned to the house and turned to the handyman's secret weapon... YouTube. After the video was done I went out and cleaned the carb. With fresh gas the Toro worked like a charm. I don't have a garage so working in the driveway is a bit of a pain, but the job got done and the unit works well. 

When that was done I came in and cleaned up then it was off downstairs where I serviced the humidifier.  That to isn't a huge job but it can be a little time consuming. Today was a good day with a few more things knocked off the to-do list. 

Hopefully tonight I will sleep a little better now that these two things are off my mind. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I'm going to take another spin around the yard with the lawn tractor and mulch some more leaves. From the look of the yard it doesn't appear that I have done anything. I'm figuring tomorrow and once more in a week or so and that's all folks. 

Speaking of that all, for me from up here North of Disorder that's all for now. 

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