Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I'll huff, and I'll puff...

A short time after the last post I made yesterday Mother Nature tried the "I'll huff, and I'll puff" bit. I must admit when the storm struck it was a little disconcerting to see the wind blowing things past the windows at a right angle.

By the way I shot this little snippet when it was safe enough to go outside on the front porch. The wind had died down a bit and it was just starting to clear, but the hail and rain were still coming down. 

Soon the worst was over and done with. Turned out it wasn't as bad as the weathertainers said it was going to be. While it wasn't so bad here, they got hammered with a down burst over in collingwood Ontario,

All this has reminded me of one thing I have forgotten to do, get the chainsaw sharpened and pick up some chain oil and two stroke oil for the gas/oil mix. One more thing for the to-do list.  

Here are a few links for you to enjoy...

Here is a Halloween vacation you would never, ever, no matter the perks see me doing. I have watched way to many horror movies to even think of doing this.

Adding to the Halloween hijinx are the clowns dresses as... clowns who go out and frighten people. They are here, they are there, they are everywhere. They are even causing a marketing conundrum for retailers. If the powers that be would only place a bounty on these fools like the way coyotes are dealt with, things would get straightened out real fast.

 Looks like the bloom is off the rose for our illustrious leader Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau. It took a while, however there are now signs the unions have caught on to his political wiles. 

The Chicago police chief recently made the claim this police officer in this story didn't shoot the bad guy who beat her up because she was afraid of the bad press. I watched the video in this story a number of times and after rereading the article I call bull sh*t. With any potentially bad situation one doesn't start off by escalating, which is just what she did.

Here's a question about judges, how do they decide how long a person found guilty should be locked up for? No worries, there an app for that.   

I just could not go without posting at least one link about the forthcoming American train wreak of an election. Here is one question to think about, who does ISIS want to win in November?

When I read this I thought this was a flash mob that I really would have liked to have been be part of

And so ends today's blog entry. I hope you enjoyed the links and that's it from me up here North of Disorder.  

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