Monday, 10 October 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Style

Today is our version of Thanksgiving. As for me the first thing I shall give thanks for was being able to drag my sorry old butt out of a nice warm bed and getting the trash and recycles to the curb. I admit it was a near thing the trash guys came by around 5 minutes after I got the stuff to the curb but the trash was picked up. 

Yesterday was a series of running around getting things done. I got the lawn mowed while my wife went into town for the stuff she forgot the day before. I then went into town to pickup the stuff she had neglected to pickup. Meh, in the end it all got done.

This morning while I struggled to get the trash out, my wife got the turkey in the oven so in a few hours the house will reek of that heavenly turkey smell. As for me, one of the jobs that needs doing and that I have been putting off was the first stage transfer of the summer stuff to winter storage. What that means is I get to lug eight wood chairs to the back deck. In a few weeks when I'm sure the grass has stopped growing and most of the leaves are down will be put in winter storage.

Well enough of this drivel here are some links for you.

Did you watch the US presidential debate last night. I chose to forgo that pleasure and watch a movie. This morning I was catching up on what the Battling Bickersons were up to and here is the one thing that stands out, a fly landing on Mrs. Clinton's face. So I guess the debate was a flop if this is news.

Across the pond things are still getting silly. In France for example a group of people firebombed a police car while the police were still in it.  In Germany police arrested a guy and a short time later some of his friends went to the police station to do an old fashioned jail break.

Meanwhile in the Middle East somebody took a potshot with a missile at the USS Mason and missed.

Yes it looks like things all over the world are starting to come to a boil

Well I've managed to run out of time today. You know, things to do and all that. Bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

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