Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Friday!

I'm back, just made a quick trip into the not so big city to pick up my wife's medications and have a stroll around the park. The day was warm, bright and sunny and it would have been a waist to not take advantage of it.

This morning the ladies paid us a visit. While they went about their business upstairs I was hiding in the basement. When they are here I usually go hide because I don't want to disturb their concentration and when you're the only guy in the place and a lot of women prowling are around can be a little disconcerting. 

Since I made the appointment with the Doc I've been counting the days until the kidney stones are taken care of. Last night even though the kidneys wanted otherwise I had a decent night"s sleep, exhaustion will do that I guess. Oh, oh time to get off this track, nobody likes a whiner. 

Prior to hitting the road this morning I did something I don't often do, I actualy had a second cup of coffee. Recently I started taking my coffee black. Yep, no double double for me. I don't want anything to stand in the way of my body's absorption of that drug called caffeine.  

I see I'm rambling, lack of regular good sleep will do that to a guy. So in an effort to cease this I shall post a few political links. Please heed this warning and read responsibly.

I bet that when this lady arrived at emergency, after telling the admitting paperwork person the problem, she was asked "Would you like this removed or shall we just change the battery?"

Nice seeing our fearless compassionate Foreign Affairs Minister St├ęphane Dion in action

Lately I've been reading how all the First Nations tribes are all for one and one for all about fighting oil pipeline construction. Well it looks like the First nation leaders hadn't checked with everybody before making that announcement.

Sadly these guys all come out of the woodwork, raise everybody"s hopes then fade away like sunset.

It's all good, this guy is a socialist Liberal or one would think this was actually a real issue. Ah Liberal MPs, the best money can buy.

The reason I describe the American election as a train wreck is no matter who wins the people of the not so United States loose

I don't know about you but if I lived in the land fall area I would be concerned and making tracks for high ground

Once upon a time I used to look up to these guys. Lately I have come to the understanding that the first rule of dealing with police is not to.

While it has been a little on the grim side for oil exports at least there are options.

Annndd that's a wrap from up here North of Disorder.

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