Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Fall is here

I was up this morning at the crack of ten after a night of tossing and turning. Breakfast and coffee done, I was sitting at the personal confuser. There I was wondering what evil or good I shall do this bright and shiny day. 

After some consideration I made a short road trip to the semi big city. While down there I picked up a HDMI cable and a couple of other things. Among the other things was the first Christmas gift. I know it's short sleeve weather and I'm Christmas shopping. Well I saved a bucket of cash since the item was on sale, so there.

 On the way down to the semi big city and on the way home I took the back roads as I normally do.  Of course I played leaf peeper along the way. The colours are well on the way now even though it is shorts weather.

I know that there are times when I moan, bitch and complain about the area where I live. In reality it's a case of "there ain't no real big problems so take the little ones and blow them out of proportion." I really like where I live in this backwater slice of heaven. Now I will just have to remind myself of this in a few months when it is sub zero and I have to get the driveway clear of the foot of snow that has fallen overnight. 

Here are a few links for you...

The anti oil hypocrites are at it again. I call them hypocrites because they use oil every day and think nothing of it. The drive cars, eat produce that was delivered to the supermarket, use things made of plastic yet they want oil pipelines stopped. 

Speaking of oil here's what the carbon tax is going to cost. Personally I think the author is a little light on his computations. Businesses are not charities and will pass along the cost of the tax to the next link in the chain until it ends up with the consumer. who will pat the whole tab. 

Looks like somebody in the west has noticed the Russians are moving things around and they don't like it. Meanwhile Russia is not happy with the West's plans for missile defence. The most disturbing sign of things not being great in Europe is this little move by the Russians

On the plus side the folks at Twitter, FaceBook and  Instagram have cut off the police trolling for suspects.  Now being the suspicious guy I am I wonder if this is for real or for show.

Looks like the crazy clown hysteria has caught up with Ronald McDonald. Sadly, for the time being you will not see Ronald McDonald at any events.

On that happy note I leave you to your own devices. Bye-bye from up here North of Disorder.

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