Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Coffee my drug of choice.

I was up today at the usual time. What interrupted my slumber was the glaring sunlight through the bedroom window. I got up and, ignoring the various aches and pains, went through the usual turn myself into the semblance of a human being. Then I hid my frail old body from the world in clothing and went down stairs. 

Last nights dishes put away, cat fed, litter scooped, coffee made, wife rousted from her slumber. I figure if I'm up, everybody should be up. The day has official started in our house.

I've been scouting the web as I do most mornings looking for cool (to me)  sites to write about and link to. All the while sipping one of my favourite beverages, coffee. When I go to bed at night, being a sexagenarian I don't really sleep that well. In the morning I rise and, well I was going to write shine but that's not really true. It's more like rise and be ugly until I've had my first sip of coffee and the caffeine has hit my system. After that first hit then I can function in a nice considerate, don't really want to rip someones face off kinda way. 

Today's beverage comes from the good kind folks in Brazil via a wonderful little hole in the wall shop where they import the beans and roast them on the premises. I know this makes us look like a couple of snobs with delusions of grandeur or as one friend put foodies, fair enough. My wife and I don't splurge on very many things but on the things we do splurge on we splurge and coffee is one of those things. The cost of the coffee is a little bit higher than what you would pay at a grocery store but for our tastes it's worth the extra couple of bucks. Comparing the two types (ground in a can verses fresh roast beans) is like judging he difference between eating and dining.

Oh enough with the wax poetic about coffee, the furnace cleaning guy is here. This guy has been here every year for the last decade and knows our systems inside and out. One of the nice sings is he has no problems with my asking him for advice which later I'm going to do. The issue is about our water heater and the vent to the outside. I think there may be a mouse nest in the vent so I'm planning on taking the top apart to clean it out then put some wire mesh on the exterior end. 

 Here are some links for you. Remember to read responsibly some are political in nature.

In the past few years the mortal enemy of human kind has been global warming. Now it looks like global warming may not be such a bad thing after all. One little hint about the link, you may want to invest in some serious cold weather gear in the not to distant future. Just saying... 

Have you ever wondered what the true reason for being is with any bureaucracy is?  Just like any other fungus the object is grow at the expense of other life forms.

Trust the media? Sure. By the way I have some land you should look at down in Florida

Now that one of their own members of Parliament has been caught the shoe is on the other foot.  

I don't know about you but I think this may be a bad thing

Oh good another reason to avoid going to any big cities. Like I really needed more reasons anyway.  

Oh, oh got to go, furnace guy needs me. Ah the life of being the strong back and weak mind.. From up here North of Disorder that's all for now.

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