Thursday, 20 October 2016

Close encounters of the strange kind

Today is one of those lazy fall days. It started this morning being overcast and morphed into rain. I awoke to one of those phone calls that nobody likes to get, the dreaded "We are in your area, would you like the ducts in your home cleaned?" After hanging up on this intrusion into my peace and quiet the phone rang again. This time it was a caller from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons about the email I sent. "Was it a complaint?" "No." "Would I testify?" "Yes." "Your email will be passed on to the investigators, thank you for your time." So with no chance of returning to the Land of Nod I was up for the day. 

Contrast this to the events of yesterday. Where today is overcast and the clouds weep upon the countryside yesterday was mild, sunny and overall simply beautiful. After I finished the blog it was fish or cut bait time. I was going to head off to the range but with the way the outdoors was I chose to head over to Scout valley for a long walk.


After around an hour and a half I figured it was time to head for the barn. Since I'm still learning the trail system and I'm easily turned around I carried a compass. I dragged it out and found north then I started to head that way. After around fifteen minutes I started to hear construction noise. I knew there was construction going on having driven by it before getting to the parking lot. Not being that concerned I kept going and because I really was just enjoying the day and not paying that close attention to my surroundings before I knew it I was at the construction site.  

I stood there taking in the action as any four year old would when the area supervisor sees me and comes over. "May I help you?" he says by way of introduction. I looked at this taller than me, able to mop the floor with my broken body, guy and simply said "No, I'm fine." Then the man ape asked me how I had come to be at his construction side and I explained about the Scout Valley trails. Next the ape who looks like a man, says that I must leave. I simply said "OK" and continued to watch the action. "Right now!" Mr. Man Ape says, so seeing that the fun from this encounter was quickly evaporating I smiled at the guy and sauntered back into the forest. Before being totally enveloped by the woods I stopped, turned and took the above photo. Later I texted my wife and told here about the encounter. She asked why I didn't stay on the trail, to which I answered "where's the fun in that?"

Here are a few links for you.

Once again we see how it's all fun and games until a leg is broken and the lawyers get involved.

The federal Liberals in last year's election campaign said they wanted to change the way we vote. Well it looks like of all the systems the way we already vote is fine. The alternatives being pushed will have less accountability for those in power and will cost more.  

Looks like I missed a great debate between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton last night... Just kidding.  One thing that did come out last night is once again Mr. Trump has managed to put a scare into the GOP

Here is another indication the inmates are running the asylum. I just hope the people who demand others pay for their babysitting aka day care on this side of the pond don't catch on to this. 

Ah North Korea... another day, another missile launch and another failure.

Libya, after interference from a whole lot of countries and the death of Moammar Gadhafi five years ago... mission accomplished.

One last poke at the Clinton team... It must be hard for them to be living under the sword of Damocles

There it is, my contribution to the clutter that is the Internet for today. Bye for for now from up here North of Disorder.


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