Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Lazy Sunday

Just finished checking the twitter feeds and I just have to say that for a quiet day there are some really upset people out there. Of course I just had to add my two cents and stoke the fire but that has become tiresome. 

Yesterday my wife and I went out for a bit of food shopping and I picked up some water softener salt. It was a nice day so the way home we stopped at the corner store and had an ice cream. Yes I know, it's almost November but in my defence the day was mild, the sun was out and it just felt right. One of the things I noticed while I was in the store was this sign for "penny candy." I have seen the sign before and each time I look at it I think of the irony: Penny Candy - 25 cents each or 10 for a buck. Talk about inflation...  

So now here I sit at the personal confuser sipping my morning... er, afternoon coffee and  wondering what to write. Well seeing it's a lazy Sunday I'm not going to write about that much. Things are progressing with the fall to-do list and will progress further this afternoon after lunch. Because of the impending rain and the fact that rain will melt me, I'm going to be working inside.

Here are some links for you to enjoy. Today in honour of it being a lazy day none of the links are political so enjoy.

Next time you are in the not so United Kingdom and want to do a pub crawl you may want to think about extending your vacation. Maybe this lady should think about doing the pub crawl, it sure looks more fun than walking across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail.

Speaking of England, I don't know who the owners of this coffee shop are but I LIKE 'EM!

Goes out has a couple of bottles, hopped into his car gets caught by the cops who do a breathalyzer. What next? The police let him go.

Remember all those B movies and third rate mystery books about secret Nazi bases in the arctic? Well those plots may not have been that far off after all. I smell "movie of the week" here. 

When I was a kid there was always the nagging about the amount of TV I watched. Now as an adult all I have to say is where the hell were these guys then?

And now a little note about firearm safety. Rule three says, and I quote: Never touch the trigger until the sights are on the target.

The question that is on everybody's lips... What do the scary clowns really want? Well not mine, per say, but...

I know what I really want and that's to get going and get some work done. Outside fall progresses as normal with the leaves falling and the sky being over cast. So it is time for me to bid you fair thee well until tomorrow. That's it from up here North of Disorder. 

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